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How do I change back to my Homepage?

2006-08-20 10:28:53, Category: Programming & Design
I was messing around in Neopets and then I downloaded the toolbar then I decided to take it off, but now instead of my homepage, I have the stupid Neopets web page! pls help!


  1. hussyman2003

    On 2006-08-20 10:33:28

    go to tools on ie. then internet options. choose homepage. enter your homepage address. save. fin
  2. Erica

    On 2006-08-20 10:35:14

    all you have to do is go to like yahoo.com and up in the corner it says make yahoo your home page. click that and then a pop up will come up saying are you sure you want to make yahoo your home page or something like that and click yes or ok. simple as that i know a lot of people say to go into internet options and all that crap but it is easier to go to the pages like this.
  3. DMaddox

    On 2006-08-20 10:45:28

    At the top of your browser you will see the following File - Edit - View - Favorites - Tools - Help Click on Tools and then click on Internet options, you will see there an option to change your homepage. I hope this helps. Need a website? Go to http://www.intrinzicdesignz.com
  4. Hal

    On 2006-08-20 10:37:02

    right click the internet explorer icon on your desktop and then click properties, after this you will see that the window at the top has your current home page in it ie. www.soforth.com you can now chang this to any www.websiteuwant.com then hit the reply key at the bottom and you are done!
  5. ♥tIshiSDIFficult♥

    On 2006-08-20 10:33:08

    go to the website you want as your homepage then click tools, internet options, general, then under homepage, click use current button.
  6. |ATN|JONO

    On 2006-08-20 10:32:38

    go tools/internet options and look for homepage and then u can type in the url
  7. natedogg54911

    On 2006-08-20 10:32:52

    launch internet explorer and go to tools/internet options and in the homepage type in your desired homepage and click apply
  8. crazee

    On 2006-08-20 10:33:02

    tools/internet options/type your homepage at the top /hit apply
  9. Catnipgirl

    On 2006-08-20 10:35:18

    it says on the upper page if You want to make this Your home page. Click on it! MSN and YAHOO both have it
  10. ♥ MONKIES ♥

    On 2006-08-20 10:39:25

    Go to Tools/internet options. Then on General go to my homepage and write in the space what you want ure homepage to be!!! Then you click apply and then click ok and your homepage will be changed!! I hope this helps!!! OK BYE!!!