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what's the difference between Raster and Vector graphics?

2006-08-15 12:13:22, Category: Programming & Design


  1. stickercam

    On 2006-08-15 12:43:11

    Raster is like a grid, you fill each hole to make up your image.. Vector is more like join the dots to make your image. Raster is very much a computer format (digital) whereas vector is more natural and how we would draw. :)
  2. ma_d_ma

    On 2006-08-15 12:36:34

    As a designer view .. you could enlarge the vector graphic without any loss of quality ... but raster graphic will be dotted and loss all of it's quality when zoom in or when trying to enlarge .... As a tecnical view the raster graphic represented by dots per pixel ... i mean that the picture contains say a 1000 dot .. every dot have a certain color ..... the vector graphic represented by an mathematical equation so if you try enlarge the vector picture the mathematical equation will take the hard jop and redraw the picture any any size without any loss ! to try it your self ... in your flash or illustrator programm draw a car and put your personal picture beside it ... now zoom ....zoom more ...?? waht do u find ???? the car didn't pixlized and it have a perfect quality .. but your picture was damaged :)
  3. creativKru

    On 2006-08-15 12:29:58

    Raster is pixel oriented. Your graphic is build by rendering each pixel as a color and storing all those pixels as a file. Vector uses math and calculations to actually draw your image. Generally vector graphics can be re-sized up or down without losing quality.
  4. clone1973

    On 2006-08-15 12:29:16

    Raster graphics are composed of pixels. Photographs, Digital Picts, JPEGS, that sort of thing. Vector graphics are not composed of pixels, but logarithms. They are made up of editable text and paths which can be clicked on and manipulated. There is no limitation to size in vector graphics. Most EPS and clip art files are vector, and resolution is not applicable. Vector graphics can be converted to a raster image, but a raster cannot be converted to a vector.