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How to insert a tab with HTML code?

2006-08-14 09:58:54, Category: Programming & Design
How can i insert a tab with HTML code? I think more details are needed...HTML code only, not printing, nothing but reading the website is what this is needed for. Am I able to type in < > with a letter between the <> to create a tab? Nothing else. Can anyone tell me the letters or symbols that go in between <> ? Thanks much. For instance, to bold a letter <b>l</b>etter and it would be only l bold, or the whole word <b>letter</b>


  1. ce

    On 2006-08-14 10:33:57

    If you just want the first line of a paragraph to be indented you could just add several non-breaking spaces to the beginning of your line. The advantage of this is that the first line would be This is the code for a non-breaking space: (yahoo answers keeps deleting the code for my space, so take out the spaces in these symbols:) & n b s p ; If you are trying to get a whole section of code to indent, you could again use a CSS style that added left-margin space to your paragraph. For example, here is an HTML document with a paragraph indented to the right by 15 pixels: <html> <head> <style type="text/css"> <!-- p { margin-left: 15px; } --> </style> </head> <body> <p>this is a paragraph</p> </body> </html> Or you could use <blockquote></blockquote> which will indent the surrounded text. The only negative of block quote is that it will also indent the right side.
  2. ghostpirate7

    On 2006-08-14 10:02:56

    <PRE> or <XMP> or tags or even à.
  3. The Curate's Egg

    On 2006-08-14 10:11:02

    You can insert any printing or non-printing character above the value of 32 by using &# and the ASCII code in decimal after it. Since the code for a tab character is 09, it is less than 32 and therefore not supported. It is probably better and more flexible to use a table to format your text.
  4. sonalfemme

    On 2006-08-14 10:01:51

    Try the escape character \t