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How to view ALL files in a folder sorted by date modified??

2006-08-13 22:42:09, Category: Programming & Design
HERE'S the goocher however -- I have a folder with about 2000 sub-folders. I want to see the entirety of the files from all the subfolders in order by date modified. IS that possible? Because I've noticed that if folder A has folders 1,2,3 under it, and folder 3 was modified yesterday, it won't NECESSARILY be the case that the computer has folder A listed as modfiied.


  1. hayral

    On 2006-08-14 03:07:52

    you don't even need to write *.*, just hit F3 and then Enter to list all the files in this folder and sub-folders. Loren Soth
  2. plainwolf

    On 2006-08-13 22:54:27

    In linux you could write up a c program to do this for you, and it woulden't even be too difficult. in windows however im not so sure, there must be a way to traverse the directory structure but I dont know what it would be... probably something in MFC would work, maybe a specially designed library function... needs to be researched some.
  3. muoreh

    On 2006-08-13 22:56:34

    you could use search and search for *.* from that folder and make sure you check 'include subfolders', then click on the date modified header on the result list to sort them out.