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Can't see photos on my email?

2006-08-11 06:06:14, Category: Programming & Design
I was sent an email from a friend, my friend said to go to the LINK at the botton of the page and click on the LINK and open the page. When I open the Link, everything showed expect the photos. I receive a box where the photo should be, a small red x and a message that says.......see more details about this listing. Why can't I see my photos it was there at first? The photo were there a few days ago. Can you help me?


  1. fang

    On 2006-08-11 06:09:54

    this the image link up correctly? if not i guess the server that block the image from displaying
  2. Terminator

    On 2006-08-16 06:07:49

    there r many possiblilities are there, the common one is they may not upload the Pic correctly, others are mail server's are using some antivirus software to scan it, so it may be caught with it. Better tell him to attach the photo except copying and pasting it will solve ur prob if not there won't be any pronblem just scan all through the mail u could find some link to that pic
  3. Hombe Filipinas

    On 2006-08-11 06:22:54

    maybe the server its slow.
  4. tk2

    On 2006-08-11 06:18:08

    I made a tutorial on the right way of sending picture using email. http://coldpctips.blogspot.com/
  5. arj_nk

    On 2006-08-18 01:13:25

    May be the picture was posted in a site, which have removed it from there library after some specific period. For ex. you received Pic123 which is in a free site (so many people these days uploads their pictures free web sites). But may the file has expired the time limit. So now when you are linking there it's no more available. Email related problems are discussed also in http://tinyurl.com/nnv9f