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How do you save an image without right clicking on it?

2006-08-06 13:39:06, Category: Programming & Design
I was trying to get pictures of my family reunion off a certain website but it won't let me right click it. I tried to highlight it and press ctrl + C then I pasted it in another program but it still won't let me save the picture. please help me


  1. Jojo

    On 2006-08-06 13:51:01

    Try this... Go to the webpage, but don't highlight the pictures (maximize the screen). Next simultaneously press these keys "Shift Key+ Alt+ and the Print Screen (next to F12 Key on top of keyboard) buttons. Now open up the program you wish to paste into (like MS Word) and use ctrl+V or to paste it. Note: you might get a message stating that you are about to switch to High Resolution. You'll have to disable that function in order to use the Print Screen feature. After you paste the picture (depeding on which program you paste into), you can crop and resize the image. Hope this works for you :-)
  2. ..Gohar A..

    On 2006-08-06 13:43:39

    try saving the website by going to File>Save As and save it to a place...it shuld save da picture in the accompanying folder of the saved page...and if tht doznt work u shuld use a programme like PicGrabber or something similar which will let you save all the picture on a website...(dis can often take a LONG time mind u lol)...but if u really want tht picture its an alternative option... -hope dis helps
  3. R J

    On 2006-08-06 13:43:03

    hit the "print screen" button next to F12...then paste and crop
  4. Christine G.

    On 2006-08-06 13:49:50

    View the source of the website in the browser and go directly to the image URL. You should be able to right click it there. You need to know how to read html to do this. But another alternative is doing what the other poster said, which is screen capturing then using photoshop or another image manipulating program and then cropping the image out of that. But you lose quality of the image that way. (probably not enough for you to care about though) Why people put that kind of crap on their websites is ridiculous. I've always been able to get the picture....
  5. mag

    On 2006-08-06 13:54:26

    in the browser you click View then source and you will get the site HTML tags then you pick up the image you would like to store. for example: the site name is: www.mysite.com and in source the image is put in <img src="images/section/myImgag.jpg"> open another browser and point to this URL: www.mysite.com/images/section/myImages.jpg and the browser will open the images then you can copy it. to cite an example: http://us.f3.yahoofs.com/mingle/43aa4171z43c52d25/profile/__tn_/21ed.jpg?mgQhl1EB.SRqgvCi