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The font where the dot over the i is a little heart?

2006-08-05 05:56:45, Category: Programming & Design
Does anyone know the name of the font that the dot over the i is a little heart? I was told its called Cute but can't find it anywhere. Even better the name and where I can downlaod it free. All answers that are posted just to get extra points without a proper solution to my question will be reported. SO BE WARNED.


  1. fairieslavender

    On 2006-08-13 02:06:16

    Hi, Maybe this will help you, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia web site, good luck! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dot_[diacritic] Lyna (or maybe its just a wink.) Dot (diacritic) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Diacritical marks accent acute accent ( ˊ ) double acute accent ( ˝ ) grave accent ( ˋ ) breve ( ˘ ) caron / háček ( ˇ ) cedilla ( ¸ ) circumflex ( ˆ ) diaeresis / umlaut ( ¨ ) dot ( · ) anunaasika ( ˙ ) anusvaara ( ̣ ) hook / dấu hỏi ( ̉ ) macron ( ˉ ) ogonek ( ˛ ) ring / kroužek ( ˚ ) rough breathing / spiritus asper ( ῾ ) smooth breathing / spiritus lenis ( ᾿ ) Marks sometimes used as diacritics apostrophe ( ’ ) bar ( | ) colon ( : ) comma ( , ) hyphen ( ˗ ) tilde ( ˜ ) titlo ( ҃ ) When used as a diacritic mark, the term dot is usually reserved for the Interpunct (·), or to the glyphs 'combining dot above' ( ̇) and 'combining dot below' ( ̣) which may be combined with some letters of the extended Latin alphabets in use in Eastern European languages and Vietnamese. Example characters: Ċ/ċ from Maltese and Irish Gaelic (old orthography), Ė/ė from Lithuanian, Ġ/ġ from Maltese and Irish Gaelic (old orthography), Ż/ż from Polish, etc. In Irish Gaelic the dot is called a ponc séimhithe 'dot of lenition'. [edit] Usage In Vietnamese, the nặng (low, glottal) tone is repesented with a dot below the base vowel: ạ ặ ậ ẹ ệ ị ọ ộ ợ ụ ự ỵ. The dot above the lowercase i and j (and uppercase İ in Turkish) is not seen as a dot, but rather as part of the character, and the double dots above several Latin letters such as ä, ë etc. are not dots either, but are umlauts or diaereses. In romanizations of Semitic languages, a dot below a consonant is used to indicate the "emphatic version" of that consonant. E.g. ṣ represents emphatic s. In Arabic romanization in particular, ġ is for ghayin. In IAST and National Library at Calcutta romanization, transcribing Indic languages, a dot below a letter indicates retroflex consonants, while an underdot signifies emphatic consonants. In Yoruba, the dot is used below the o, the e and the s: those three letters can also occur without dot as another letter. In mathematics and physics the dot denotes the time derivative as in . [edit] External links Diacritics Project — All you need to design a font with correct accents [edit] See also Tittle
  2. elvanwizard

    On 2006-08-11 23:04:02

    DaFont lists a font with many Hearts in it called: Heartland The i does have a floating heart too