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How many pixels is a 4x6 photo?

2006-08-04 17:40:10, Category: Programming & Design
I'm using a photo editing program and I need to know how big to make the photo for the printer.


  1. msabramo

    On 2006-08-04 17:52:12

    No one answer. Depends on the DPI (dots per inch). Check out this link for some charts that show you how it works: http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/aboutgraphics/l/blscanning3.htm
  2. sheeple_rancher

    On 2006-08-04 19:42:12

    A couple of counter-questions first: How long is a rope? What size is a blue suit? It is actually u to you. One way to specify graphics is in "dots per inch" (dpi). Typical values are 72, 150, 300 and 600 (in order of better resolution). At 300dpi, 4" by 6" is 1200 by 1800 pixels, and will make a decent photo print. (that is the equivelent of a 2 megapixel camera). 600dpi (2400 by 3600) would give excellent results - about the same as an 8 megapixel digital camera. LIMITS: This assumes you started with at least that many pixels
  3. jimmy a

    On 2006-08-04 17:52:48

    800 pixels by 1200 pixels