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Image display using html programming?

2006-08-02 08:38:00, Category: Programming & Design
I have been creating a website using html but it cant display my images. I have tried to do this <img src ="C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator\My Documents/SpiderWebing/Logo22.gif"> and this <img src ="C://Documents and Settings/Administrator\My Documents/SpiderWebing/Logo22.gif"> and also this <img src ="C://Documents and Settings/Administrator/My Documents/SpiderWebing/Logo22.gif">. Am using Mozilla firefox, please, somebody help me, am over due the given time. please help.


  1. Dillon R

    On 2006-08-02 08:40:53

    You need to host your images online.
  2. cosmic.lion

    On 2006-08-02 09:01:02

    OK, If you are previewing the webpage on your computer locally (which seems right by question) then you are using WRONG SYNTAX!!! See here, <html><img src="file:\\c:\images\example.gif" width=200 height=200></img> Now you are not using the "file:" thing and you are using a forward slash "/" instead of backslash "\". Copy the above syntax and use it for your own. For Viewing the Image anywhere online you need to host the image online somewhere first then use it's path in the syntax as; <img src="/images/netscape.gif" width="33" height="32"> OK I'm getting late. Take Care.
  3. DianeD

    On 2006-08-02 08:47:05

    You need to create a directory structure on your server (where all your HTML files are stored). Create a directory and call it images. Chances are your HTML files are stored in a public-html directory, so make your 'images' directory there. Design your webpage and where you want an image, it would then be <img src="images/name-of-image.jpg alt="description" title="a title can go here" width="118" height="150" /> NOTE: that the width and height must be corrected to reflect the dimensions of your actual image.)
  4. Richard H

    On 2006-08-02 12:09:47

    If the IMAGE SRC is linked to the "C:\blah..." address, it will look on the Hard drive of each individual user. You need to put the image on the server and do the image source to "HTTP://web.site.address/pic.jpg" instead of "FILE://My/local/file/pic.jpg"
  5. kenhallonthenet

    On 2006-08-02 08:47:01

    create a relative link to the image from the page you are on. 1. save your HTML page in a folder called HTML and you should create a folder inside that HTML folder called IMAGES, keep all your images in there. 2. in the <img> tag in your HTML page, have a link to the image in the IMAGES folder. your img tag should look like this: <img src="IMAGES/image.jpg" alt="this is an image" />
  6. John J

    On 2006-08-02 09:15:43

    is the file that you are putting these in on your local system or on a web server? If they are on the web server, the images need to be uploaded and you need to use the proper urls as the src.
  7. Ty W

    On 2006-08-02 08:40:51

    take it off your c drive and put it on a cd or or thumbdrive
  8. zeropointe01

    On 2006-08-02 08:41:40

    if you want to use the image on the internet, it has to be HOSTED on the internet. No web page can display an image form your computer.. well.. unless you are previewing the page you are designing.. but no one else can see it. try http://www.photobuket.com for image hosting.... I like them because they actually give you the code you need.