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How do I transfer a logo from Photoshop to Illustrator without the white background?

2006-07-31 11:26:07, Category: Programming & Design
I am working with a logo in Photoshop 7 and I would like to transfer that to a newsletter but every time I do it there is a white background that comes with it. How do I get rid of the white background and transfer just the logo?


  1. Ana

    On 2006-07-31 13:15:06

    I believe that you know working with layers so that this is not your problem I suppose also that you know the functionality of Magic Wand or background eraser for removing background So that the problem is that you try to transfer from a bitmap format (photoshop) to a vector format (illustrator) Try to paste your logo like a path in Illustrator (not like a Shape layer) Always if you past as a shape layer appear a white background Try to play around this paste option a little (in illustrator) Usually you cant remove the background at he transfer The two programs "recognized" each other pretty good but always some data are lost When I was a similar problem (but from Ai to Photoshop) surprisingly the programs that give the best result at transfer was Fireworks (former Macromedia now also Adobe). Try it or try or try a superior version of Photoshop (i don't know if this work is only a suggestion ) Search to find a solution in the help documentation of both programs.
  2. Sahara

    On 2006-07-31 11:35:25

    Check out the section that has Image Size. There is something called "Canvas Size" - where canvas is the white background of your picture. You may not be able to see the canvas while working on the file in Photoshop, but as long as there is a canvas listed, then it will be part of the file.
  3. sandy

    On 2006-08-02 01:49:59

    save the logo either in .psd or .gif format. Both of these does not have any unwanted backgrounds. .psd is the best
  4. rob

    On 2006-07-31 11:33:48

    First of all you should have two layers in PhotoShop. One for your logo and the other for the background. Remove the background layer and if you still have a white background, select the white with the wand and delete it. Then, when you export the image, export it as a gif file so you don't need a background.
  5. Thor

    On 2006-07-31 11:45:52

    You need to create a clippiing path around the image that you want to transfer. Then save the path as a clipping path. Save the file as eps and place it in illustrator.