does any1 know anygood names for a chatroom site?

2006-08-07 09:36:06, Category: Programming & Design
Im creating a chatroom site for teens and young america to come and chat with their schools,myspace friend list,one on one,and more!Also with daily songs and pics,and updates about artist they can have polls to see who they want on the site in the "hot seat",also music videos and more!I need help to make up a cool name like facebook,tagged,hi 5,myspace....thank u!I will list u on the site for making up the name...u know give u credit

What is the html Code for puting a log in box on your website and to make it work...... Read o

2006-07-29 06:47:31, Category: Programming & Design
I'm using piczo and i want to make a log in box on my website and i cant make it work how do you make the box work so when people go to your site they enter there name and password then they log in to your site please i need help and if you can how do you put a poll on ur website who ever gives me to correct answer they will get 10 to 25 points You can give me a link to learn to

Question for web developers or people who know about creating websites?

2006-08-11 09:14:19, Category: Programming & Design
I am creating a website Frontpage and i cant figure out how to do something. I want to create something so when a user places the cursor over an advertisment for example it will expand revealing more details but when the cursor is taken off the advertisment it will shrink back to its orginal size. How would i go about doing this?

How do I hook things up to give a powerpoint projector?

2006-08-18 11:20:39, Category: Programming & Design
I know this is a weirdly worded question but, I have to give a presentation at work with powerpoint and we have a screen and a laptop that are supposed to hook up but I don't know how and I don't want to look underqualified. Can someone please help? Thanks Thank you so much!!!

what are the information needed by top-level executives?

2006-08-02 15:38:36, Category: Programming & Design
i am developing an Executive Information System..i am now designing the interface..i have list of reports from the organization..i just wanted to know how i can classified information and filter information according only to what is needed by the Top-level executives.

EXCEL and colours?

2006-08-15 07:45:47, Category: Programming & Design
I am preparing a time plan in excel. So what I want to do is to highlight (in one colour) a process that is going to be done in 4 weeks with one colour but with an increasing tone (darkness) in the 4 week period. Anyone with an idea of how I do that?

does anyone know how to?

2006-08-05 09:16:24, Category: Programming & Design
does anyone rember that boy that had his own web pagee and mamillion off it by saleing ads to other people,how did he do that and how can i do that without the copying of his web site? and do you know why his web site was and his name? i would like to do something like that but not if it is to copy that just like his. can someone help me with this

Sorting a array of objects according to a characteristic in each object in java?

2006-08-13 10:49:15, Category: Programming & Design
I want to sort a set of objects in a array according to particular characteristic in each object. Like the object in array[0] name is "billy" and the object in array[1] name is "Adam" I want the object with the name = adam to be sorted so it is placed first in the array, you know like alphabetically. Now if I were doign this in C++ I could just like over-load a operator and compare those two things between objects and switch them around using a bubble sort or something. But it doesn't seem like you can over-load a operator in java, which kinda sucks, how would I do this whole "sorting of objects" if you will in java?

ASP Question? Response.Cookies ("MATLog")("UserName")?

2006-08-04 05:00:43, Category: Programming & Design
I'm studing a code thats in ASP, there is something like this: Response.Cookies ("MATLog")("UserName") = objRec("userID") Response.Cookies ("MATLog")("Name") = objRec("userName") Response.Cookies ("MATLog")("Matrik")= objRec ("studentNo") ----------------------------- I know that thats about cookies,but i dont know what are MATlog and Matrik for?and if they are somehow playing the role of variable or identifier for cookies(?)then what are they stand for? what are these lines doing?

Can somone help me make a forum made of html and css?

2006-08-06 10:25:05, Category: Programming & Design
Hi I made this forum but it is not done yet I have to add in user acounts and passwords for people. But I do not know how to tell css or html how to wright scripts of users that register so when they go on my site they are able to log in the user and password area to log in by pressing submit. Also When I have that done how do I add in blogs? So people can reply to a topic that was made on the site but they would have to be registerd to reply to it. How can I do that? Here is what my forum looks like. Thank you.

Dreamweaver 8. Academic Version.?

2006-07-31 00:39:07, Category: Programming & Design
I've seen this version on some sites, and it's cheaper. However, I am not an sutdent. So, can I still buy it and use it for personal or/and commercial purposes? Why? Why not? THNX

how do i make my maximized screen a little smaller in yahoo so i can see the scroll up and scroll do

2006-08-04 16:05:08, Category: Programming & Design

-ahem- Help with myspace coding please?

2006-08-17 01:00:32, Category: Programming & Design
I have avatars placed on my myspace but I'd like 3-4 per row. They keep putting themselves in their own row and it's irritating. Help?

How can I make big money online?

2006-07-29 21:24:46, Category: Programming & Design
Yesterday I've discovered this site: I've open an adsense account yesterday and earned $10 on my first day. I want to share this to all of you! Thank you! Have a nice day!

One more time. I want to add color to a greyscale image, i.e., eyes or lips or an object.?

2006-08-15 10:02:23, Category: Programming & Design
I have Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro 8. I only use them to grayscale color images and to resize and I can make tranparencies as well. I need someone to tell me step by step or can direct me to a website that can tell me step by step. These are the only replies that will be of use to me. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Recently, I have cosidered buying a Nintendo DS Lite. For current owners, what are the pros and cons

2006-08-08 19:18:01, Category: Programming & Design
Include details such as game graphics, gaming experience, price, battery life, etc.

Where and how can I learn photoshop??

2006-08-12 22:57:45, Category: Programming & Design

Before and Befoe close macros for excel... why doesnt this work?

2006-08-04 14:41:15, Category: Programming & Design
Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint() MsgBox "PDF File before Print! Printer Name: Adobe PDF", vbExclamation End Sub Sub Workbook_BeforeClose() MsgBox "Sensitive INTERNAL Information MUST be hidden!", vbExclamation End Sub

Who will offer me an online job, because I am disabled?

2006-08-14 17:52:34, Category: Programming & Design
I am webdesigner who is using photoshop and frontpage. I am from Bulgaria, male 30. I am student of social economics (industrial management - business administration. I have a spare time in which I am making websites with Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS Frontpage, Photoshop, CorelDraw, SwishMax. Please see my personal homepage: and other webspace:

Can someone help me?????

2006-08-10 22:57:09, Category: Programming & Design
I need to know how to create siggies and banners. If you don't know what I am talking about it is the bumper sticker look-like thing that you see in forums that people have personalized. I would really appreciate it if you could help me. Thanks!!!!
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