How do I embed sound files on power point?

2006-08-05 11:35:26, Category: Programming & Design
I have been able to embed .wav files but am unable to get the .mid files to embed in a presentation. I want to burn a CD so it will play on any computer and the .mid files only link! Please help. I've changed the default settings so that the .wav files would be embedded. The only problem is getting the .mid files to embed on the CD. I want the CD to play on other desktops and laptops but don't want to have to copy the .mid files separately. Why do the .wav files embed and the .mid files do not?

Icon Help!!!!?

2006-08-01 16:45:09, Category: Programming & Design
Does anyone knoe where I can make my own icons and how?

Is there any program similar to Google Earth.....?

2006-08-08 03:36:33, Category: Programming & Design
Is there any program similar to Google Earth, used to follow something from sattelites in present time? I mean, not pictures, but real time video? And good video qualty?

Are there any other programms like FPS Creator??

2006-08-03 18:32:59, Category: Programming & Design
I like fps creator but it has tons of bugs and I was just wondering if there are any other programs like it. Cheap would be good. Please ONLY answer if you know of another one like it! I mean dont give suggestions to "de-bug" fps creator or say "I dont know". Thanks UMMM!!! HELLO!!!!!!! That is FPS Creator!!!!!! You have got to be kidding me. My only answer is some dumb - *** who doesnt read the question or do research on the info.

uninstall kazaa?

2006-07-29 02:13:54, Category: Programming & Design
i downloaded Kazaa before two weeks and know i often use it so i thought about Uninstalling it, but when i went o my computer > Add or remove programs > (i choosed Kazaa in the list) kazaa > Change/remove>(it says) setup has an expericened Error... any help! any suggestions,,,

Can someone help me with this??

2006-08-06 04:52:46, Category: Programming & Design
Can anyone show me a website that i can build a website for free that has a very good web designer and animated pictures ?

i want a website index arranged by colours. Where can I find it?

2006-08-10 14:55:44, Category: Programming & Design
Websites in orange, in blues, in browns. I once found a website that presented screens of a lot of websites and the categories were colors. I want to find it again.

Why can't I install macromedia flash player on my computer?

2006-08-06 18:24:57, Category: Programming & Design
I enabled all of the active x controls and made sure my security level was medium. I want to play games on gametap. Help!! Thank you! I went directly to the adobe website - did not work. And, no, I do not get an error message. Thanks for the ideas. Any more? Patrick C - you are awesome!! It worked! I will give you best answer as soon as Yahoo will let me!

what u think of my space?

2006-07-31 15:04:32, Category: Programming & Design
what u think of my space??????????? and what can i do to mack it better???????

Adding A Cell Border?

2006-07-31 18:08:27, Category: Programming & Design
in Macremedia Dreamweaver. How Do You Do It....for only one cell (at a time) and how do u give it color

Good morning everyone. How do I change this setting?

2006-08-04 16:04:52, Category: Programming & Design
I am running windows xp. On the bottom right hand corner of the screen on the blue tool bar there should be an arrow (show hidden icons) that lets me expand or compress the icons. My arrow is missing. How do I restore the arrow? Thanks. This is odd. I right clicked on tool bar/properties. The icon setting is already marked and 'customised' is set to the 'hide all inactive icons' for everything. OK I've worked it out. Right click the tool bar, tool bars, quick launch. No that's not right either. The arrow appears for some users desktops and not others.

What sort of projects are good to work on when learning how to program?

2006-08-15 10:51:03, Category: Programming & Design
I am learning Python right now and want to build up a good amount of experience, but I don't want to overstep my abilities too much and get fustrated on something I don't understand how to do yet. On the same note, I don't want to under challenge myself because then I would learn very little. Thanks!

plz ans this....i wanna run ps2 games on my pc via pcsx2 0.9.1. but it doesnt load the game........?

2006-08-06 05:04:50, Category: Programming & Design
and runs too slow as compared to the console. relax, i ve got the bios. but still it doesnt run the games. i ve just bought a new pc, & i m afraid, that i bought a little less than wats req. 2 run these things. well, i ve got p4(3.06), 1024mb ddr ram, asus p5gpl mthrboard, 256mb pci express graphics card. do u think that i lack smthing in hardware. if not, then tell me wats wrong in my pcsx 0.9.1. y it doesnt load the games?

dont have IIS server but want to run asp.?

2006-08-08 23:59:34, Category: Programming & Design
Hi i am working on win xp pro and trying to learn asp but i have not the cd of win xp to install iis. ----Can i download the setup of iis from internet or ----Can apache server run the asp pages?

help me in writing an introduction for a graphic design company called "Talking Pixels"?

2006-08-01 21:45:43, Category: Programming & Design
we are actually making a project in our graphic designing school..we have named our company Talking Pixels.we have to write an introduvtion talkin about the name of the company n why we kept this name.what work we do..which is basically graphic and web page designing.

How to calculate the dearness and house rent allowance of the salary in C programming.?

2006-08-10 10:43:26, Category: Programming & Design

Can someone answere my ?

2006-07-29 07:28:23, Category: Programming & Design
I have seen little hearts by peoples names on here and they have it on myspace to can someone tell me how to do that lol thanks Ty ty ty i got it now lol

My Windows Movie Maker problems?

2006-08-06 15:27:53, Category: Programming & Design
The Audio does not show up when I record from my MiniDV Cam. And why can't I import my music files to my movie? I have tons of music all in My Music Catagory. But when I try to import, they don't show up. Is there another Movie Maker program I can download?

animation friend?

2006-08-01 22:32:26, Category: Programming & Design
hi, i am a 20 years old boy.i spend my time with flash and want to do animation with it.anybody there love that thing and want to make a group? mail me at:

How to write XML on Perl?

2006-08-04 05:52:30, Category: Programming & Design
Could anyone tell me where I can find information about writing XML (plus DTD and XSLT) on Perl? Andy.
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