how to create the data base in rdbms and how to link it in c?

2006-08-13 09:08:01, Category: Programming & Design

what is a software virus? and any source to learn?

2006-08-20 03:42:57, Category: Programming & Design

Why is Java a part of majoring in Computer Science?

2006-08-06 16:24:10, Category: Programming & Design
I'm thinking about majoring in Computer Science at a university. I was looking at the curriculum for 'Computer Science I' and the entire curriculum is learning about Java. Why? It's useless. Why doesn't the course start off learning C or C++ instead of Java? I don't want to waste time and money on something that isn't very applicable to the real world. Please don't reply if you're not currently studying/recent graduate of Computer Science or if you're just going to make an insult -- I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, I'm just trying to understand and concerned about my future.

NOR Flash / NOR gate / NAND Flash / NAND gate?

2006-08-04 01:45:51, Category: Programming & Design
Is NOR Flash archtechniture based on NOR gate? Is NAND Flash archtechniture based on NAND gate? If yes, is it possible to have OR Flash or AND Flash for Flash Memory Cards such as SD, MMC, CF, etc. I know there is no such product in world about AND Flash and OR Flash. I just want to know will it possible to be in used in the Flash Memory Cards. Thanks.

I want to create a photo montage...?

2006-08-05 14:10:21, Category: Programming & Design
(made up of different jpeg's, the edges of each touching and/or overlapping each other) to post on a webpage...which program do I create this in? Photoshop? And how? Obviously I am not a web designer so please post a "layman's answer"! Thanks. Thanks for the great answer! The only thing I can't figure out now is out to make the background transperant? Can you help me there? THANKS!

How to calculate the dearness and house rent allowance of the salary in C programming.?

2006-08-10 10:43:26, Category: Programming & Design

How do I make a com+ dll from c-sharp code? And how do I call the com+ dll from asp?

2006-08-15 19:14:52, Category: Programming & Design
Help! :-)

is there any way to modify a java program?

2006-08-13 18:36:06, Category: Programming & Design
how can i modify a java program. the thing is that i only have the program and have no script no nothing. so i am thinking that is there any program or any way i can modify it? thx alot

HTML/Dreamweaver question?

2006-08-09 14:26:22, Category: Programming & Design
How do I create a blog and chat for a youth group web site?

How much do Network Systems and Data Specialist earn a year?

2006-08-10 20:37:13, Category: Programming & Design

I just joined an group (non-yahoo) who only accept plain text mail. My yahoo email is html, how do I

2006-08-09 14:08:12, Category: Programming & Design
The online group will only accept plain text mail, not mail in html format, and I was not even aware the yahoo mail was html. How on earth can I send a plain, simple text based message to my group?

what u think of my myspace???????? and tellme what i can do to make it better?

2006-07-31 08:10:01, Category: Programming & Design

SQL Server function to convert string to numerical value help?

2006-08-01 11:01:10, Category: Programming & Design
I have a field that contains a mixture of numerical data and alpha charaters. There is no specific spot where the numerical data begins and end. I need to create a fuction within SQL that will parse the string and return only the numerical value. This is my code so far (which is not working): CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[CVAL] (@a nvarchar(50)) returns float as begin declare @myvar float declare @myval float declare @mytimes float declare @mylen float declare @X as int set @X = 1 SET @myvar = 0 set @myval = 0 set @mytimes = 1 set @mylen = len(@a); while @X <= @mylen begin if isnumeric(substring(@a,@X,1)) = -1 begin set @myvar = convert(float, substring(@a,@X,1)) set @myval = @myvar * @mytimes set @mytimes = @mytimes * 10 end set @X = @X + 1 end return @myval end

The words on my page are blurry,small and to light,how do I fix this?

2006-08-11 10:14:06, Category: Programming & Design

Question for web developers or people who know about creating websites?

2006-08-11 09:14:19, Category: Programming & Design
I am creating a website Frontpage and i cant figure out how to do something. I want to create something so when a user places the cursor over an advertisment for example it will expand revealing more details but when the cursor is taken off the advertisment it will shrink back to its orginal size. How would i go about doing this?

how do i create a web site and is it hard?

2006-08-05 04:10:13, Category: Programming & Design

how do i make an html table with links to another html table but in the same web page?

2006-08-07 14:09:21, Category: Programming & Design
i suck at explaining things but.. i have this table and i want it to have a thing that says like "music" and then u can click on it and in the same spot it has another table with a list of songs that u can click on too. but keep it all on the same web page.

why on my yahoo page is some of the written type so foggy and hard to read? its very pale?

2006-07-28 21:18:39, Category: Programming & Design

Internal differences between dialog boxes and other windows?

2006-08-03 14:33:09, Category: Programming & Design
If you ever try to paint on the surface of a window created with CreateDialog or CreateDialogIndirect, you'll notice that it's not what you expect. Need an explanation (or link to one) of the internal details of the dialog painting mechanism as opposed to that of other windows. Preferential credit to an explanation of how to circumvent any limitations. The IDE and code I use are not really relevant. One thing though: I create my dialog boxes wrapped in the MFC CDialog class. What I need is a thorough definition of the differences among DoModal, CreateDialog, and generic windows with respect to painting. For example I noticed the InvalidateRect API does not work predictably on dialogs, and artifacts are left behind. > the InvalidateRect command doesn't get processed until a WM_PAINT message is sent I'm afraid that isn't accurate. Firstly, WM_PAINT messages are never "sent." Secondly, the InvalidateRect function generates a WM_PAINT message immediately (the window needn't be obscured). At least it should. But it doesn't seem to work consistently for dialogs, as if they're filtering the messages. I need a pointer as to exactly how they do that.

is it ok to use notepad for DB?

2006-08-15 17:48:43, Category: Programming & Design
im trying to create a mini library system that will handle approx. 30,000-50,000 records. i am planning to use notepad as my back end. why or why should i not use notepad? im using vb .net. thanks. please give me a reason for using notepad that will make my panel understand. im just a student and i need a good defense. THANKS A LOT. im trying to create a mini library system that will handle approx. 30,000-50,000 records. i am planning to use notepad as my back end. why or why should i not use notepad? im using vb .net. thanks. please give me a reason for using notepad that will make my panel understand. im just a student and i need a good defense. THANKS A LOT. PLEASE GIVE ME A DEFENSE WHY I USED NOTEPAD. PLS.
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