how to use vb as front end and msaccess as back end? if any sample program is there kindly send.?

2006-08-07 01:21:14, Category: Programming & Design

Why do "good" web designers continue to rely on client-side scripting when it is a security vulnerab

2006-07-29 11:25:59, Category: Programming & Design
And why do "good" designers continue to use absolute font sizing, prevening users from resizing the font in their browsers? I disable javascript in my browser and override sites' stylesheets and it's amazing how much "good" design goes to pot in that environment. Are people just too lazy to learn server-side scripting and relative font sizing? SirStupid, trouble is, even though you don't want a lowly end user like me (who exactly was the web created for anyway?) to "screw" with your font size, I merely want to be able to read the content. Many designers are more concerned with form than function, never mind "accessibility" (a topic covered in web design 101). I'm more concerned with how easily, quickly and safely I can use a given site than with some self-centered designer's precious aesthetics.

SQL-plus database?????

2006-08-19 06:25:16, Category: Programming & Design
i am looking for some SQL projects,, that are resolved already. i need them to practice SQL. i am a student in UK. please let me know if someone know anything about getting these resolved projects and scripts.

How do I get into Yahoo Bangalore?

2006-08-10 02:55:23, Category: Programming & Design
I am UI designer and I want to work for yahoo India

how can i unanimate an object ?

2006-08-01 10:39:43, Category: Programming & Design
i want to upload an image which is animated and it wont allow anything do u undo it ? i m not using any program

Optimize a simple MySQL query running slow because of an "OR" in the WHERE clause?

2006-08-10 16:33:10, Category: Programming & Design
SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE field1="test" OR field2="test" limit 1; This takes two seconds to run (vs. 0.00 for each search separately), and it refuses to use any index, even with FORCE INDEX. I would like to be able to run one search instead of two, and this seems very basic, but I can't find any info on how to do this! Please help me, MySQL gurus!

Think of it as akin to explaining the war in Iraq to George Bush...?

2006-08-04 18:23:08, Category: Programming & Design
...and explain to me s l o w l y and P A T I E N T L Y...using little words and excruciating to download...upload...what- ever!...a different avatar. ??? And try not to laugh at me too loudly, I can't help it, I was BORN a techno dumbass. Thanks... I'm terribly sorry, "fbuffalo01", but if you can't explain the war in Iraq to yourself either, you'll just have to struggle on in ignorance. Do what George does. Go fish. And my dear "huh", at least I'm able to express myself without resorting to using an interrogative as a screen name...tsk. And to all others who answered my question in a more helpful manner...again, my thanks!

PHP programming problem, Reading from text file!?

2006-08-12 14:26:01, Category: Programming & Design
My .php file contains: <?php $f=fopen("welcome.txt","r") or exit("Unable to open file!"); while (!feof($f)) { $x=fgetc($f); If $x="<" { echo"oooooooooooooooooo"; } echo $x; } fclose($f); ?> and My welcome.txt file contains: hello world <title> its title </title> When I run the php file in wamp, nothing happens, but If I remove the below part, it works! If $x="<" { echo"oooooooooooooooooo"; } But I dont want to remove this part, How can I fix it? Do you have the same problem? Thank you

Site doesn't work with firefox and netscape?

2006-08-12 23:01:59, Category: Programming & Design
I have built my site through Front Page 2002 and I used Flash MX 2004 to built the flash contents. The issue is that my site works fine in IE but not with mozilla and netscape browsers? The flash contents seldom appears and the site's hyperlink stays blinky. I checked with the plugins stuff and they seems to be ok with both the browsers. Is the default Front Page DHTML factor effecting the site's performance? Let me know your valuable thoughts/suggestions/solutions on this issue. Thanks in advance

yahoo signature?

2006-08-04 08:27:11, Category: Programming & Design
How do you create and apply a signature to your emails?

sql question?

2006-08-19 22:51:30, Category: Programming & Design
when a table contains a column called date, how can we find out if it matches a specific year and get that data.(sql query)

Passing varibles to text boxes in different browsers?

2006-08-07 12:54:54, Category: Programming & Design
Scenario: -Open a new webpage in a new browser in your PHP code. -The new webpage has a username and password field How do you pass the username and password you have stored in $variables in your PHP code to the username and password textbox on the new webpage? Thanks

HTML link problem?

2006-08-14 02:40:38, Category: Programming & Design
hi all, I hav two html pages. say sports.html and other in cricket/cricket.html. In sports.html, i will giv the link to cricket.html as <a href="cricket/cricket.html">click to go to cricket page</a>. Now what should i giv in cricket.html to go back to sports page ?? Note: cricket.html is in cricket directory and sports.html is in the root directory. thanks

How can i do this in unix?? i have to edit a file wthout using vi.?

2006-08-16 10:34:14, Category: Programming & Design
I have a file with the following structure: H|123450|1203|dsf5|trtr H|123949|4940|erjvh|hdhgd H|01-JAN-06|2398|jk55k|gdfbn H|120983|3894|sdfklj|fsdkf H|29-DEC-06|2398|lsdfj7|sflkj H|934806|2304|reoi5|sljks The file is in pipe delimited format as shown above. It is huge and cannot use vi, I have to delete the records which have the date format in the second field(01-JAN-06). How can i do this without using vi? any sed commands for this??

can u plz tell me some addrs of online tutorial of with C# ?

2006-08-07 19:37:10, Category: Programming & Design
actually i m learning ASP.NET with C# and i found only ASP.NET with VB frm google, if u have any online book also or any addrs of it can u send me...plz

how to convert wma to mp3 using C# code?

2006-08-09 04:57:24, Category: Programming & Design
hint : using directshow software plz give an idea of wat functions and sample code or alogrithm to do so... tku

Please help all you Microsoft Excel wizards!?

2006-07-30 20:36:32, Category: Programming & Design
I have created a list of 5 different expenses. I have then copied my Bank Statement onto Excel allocating each of my debits against one of the 5 expenses. Now I am wanting Excel to tally up all the figures so that at the end, I have the list of the 5 different expenses and how much money is assigned to each one.

I am unable to send any email messages on my yahoo accn,t.what am i doing wrong?

2006-07-31 04:32:46, Category: Programming & Design
I have just created a new yahoo acc,t and i am unable to send any email letters to my friends and family members with my new email address.My pc just locks up when i try to send messages or try to set up a new email address book.Can you help me?

hurry up!!?

2006-08-01 03:12:52, Category: Programming & Design
could you please teach me how to use modules and array in fortran 90 and i will very thankful >>

Why are JavaScript implementations so incompatible with each other, while Java implementations are c

2006-08-03 19:55:27, Category: Programming & Design
It is interesting to see how two languages born at about the same time, and released to the public just one week apart from each other - have become two completely different things. In addition to their Java is the eldest, in the public sense, by about one week. Perhaps the more mature in other ways too. Ironically, JavaScript managed to get passed as a standard by a European standards body called ECMA, which really is not known for computer programming language standards, it turns out. Programs port from one version of Java to another easily. Crossing platform to platform is easy with Java With JavaScript, two applications on the same computer don't even have compatible JavaScript interpreters. The groups making the interpreters do not seem to mind. Those writing programs in it tend to only target one of the many different ones out there. Is this a sign of standardization? A total lack of portability? Really? How come it got this way? Originally, there was only one Netscape.
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