what is the best program to use to make flash games,pages,and movies?

2006-07-28 20:21:05, Category: Programming & Design

Difference between "default" and "index"?

2006-08-06 01:35:36, Category: Programming & Design
I've got a few different websites, and I've noticed that on the servers that run PHP, index.php is the front page, but in ASP it's default.asp. Is this because one is server-side and the other isn't? I'm a little rusty beyond old-school HTML. :-) I'm not asking this for any practical reason. It's just really bugging me for the sake of trivia, so that's why I'm asking. :-)

What strategy should be taken to study computer science in order to get good result?

2006-08-07 04:54:28, Category: Programming & Design
.i'm first year student who study com.sci in an university.i found computer science is too tough to me expecially in C++ and math.

Write a C++ program to input a number between 20 to 99 and display its numbername?

2006-08-05 04:51:56, Category: Programming & Design
If ,for example , we have input a number say 22, then it should display twenty two. Please help me immediately.

What is the diferens beetwen HTML 4 And HTML whats the best there are more like HTML 5 .6 ech.?

2006-08-03 07:52:56, Category: Programming & Design

Google Sandbox??

2006-08-09 16:49:10, Category: Programming & Design
I currently run the site, http://www.gotalkmoney.com The website went live at the beginning of March 2006. As of late, my site will rank on page 2 for the keyword "money forum" SOMETIMES. When it's not on page 2, its usually around the page 9 or 10 mark. Is this a good sign and how long does the sandbox usually last with google? I'm familiar with the google datacenters, etc but this really confuses me. No, I haven't changed anything on the front page when it dances around.

What is a looping statement? (Visual Basic)?

2006-08-09 23:16:19, Category: Programming & Design
All I need is its importance and what it looks like....

After creating an index page in PhotoShopCS2, what program do I use to get it working?

2006-08-02 12:36:56, Category: Programming & Design
After I get the page looking like I want it to look, how do I make that the index page for my website? I have an image mapper from CoffeeCup, but I was wondering if I could use something like GoLive? I also have Dreamweaver and CoffeeCup VisualSite Designer.

somebody help me with myspace!!?

2006-08-06 18:54:54, Category: Programming & Design
does anybody know any pretty myspace DIV overlay layouts or layout sites? and please help me apply the layout onto my myspace too. they can get confusing.. 0-o...<3

How to publish a complete ASP.net website on the internet?

2006-08-07 11:06:24, Category: Programming & Design
I have a Project website that had been done using the ASP.NET to develope and would like to publish up the internet so that it can be viewed by anyone. are there any methods? will it be neccessary to find an FTP server? can the computer running on Windows XP be a server solution? will there be any free method to host a website that is done in asp.net in visual studio? it is because after doing the website in visual studio 2003 i am thinking of publishing it. As such i am still wondering got any free method?

myspace layout banner quote susgestions?

2006-07-30 20:29:22, Category: Programming & Design
i know how to make a layout but i need a quote to add on my banner... my last one was " can someone fix my broken heart?" i want something like... like about love and sweet and adorable.. someone please help me?

Hi, I need to convert my datas on Microsoft Excel to My sql, how do I go about this?

2006-08-16 01:01:51, Category: Programming & Design
Hi, I need to convert my datas on Microsoft Excel to My sql, how do I go about this? I really want to use php and my sql around a site i am working on.

How do i make my images apear in my Free Server Site?

2006-08-02 05:54:33, Category: Programming & Design
Iam a Beiginer Graphic Designer and a web master. I made up one site in a computer which has an Internet conection and the whole site uploded successsfully now i bulit a better site more beautifull even but when i uploded it some of the images can not apear i tied to check the links but nothing seems to be wrong. I built my site using Macromedia dreamweaver. the site isn't very heavy and i used JPG images. can anyone please give me a hint? Http://www.msinc.4t.com

how does one reboot the computer from the bios?

2006-07-31 11:26:15, Category: Programming & Design
I have bought a second hand computer. I want to carry out a format c and then load a new version of windows. The problem is that I dont know the administrator password. that is blocking all attempts for formatting the hard drive.

plz help ppl?

2006-08-06 14:42:23, Category: Programming & Design
ma compitur sound broke, how di I git it on When I see a "question" like the one above, I always attack the asker and mention the failure of public schools. I was thinking that people who answered questions like this were only encouraging misrepresentation of the intelligence of this country, but no one corrected my poor English, the people who responded were only trying to help. you guys took a handful of badly spelled words, that appeared to be someones sad attempt at a question, and saw someone in need of help and attempted to help them. After studying the results of this I am going to ease up, god bless!

help w/360?

2006-07-31 10:08:09, Category: Programming & Design
i am 33 and 360 tells me i have to be over 18 to make a account, what can i do to fix this???

i need to know the exact steps of making a flash game plaese?

2006-08-07 14:02:57, Category: Programming & Design
i have struggled and strugled, trying to learn flash, i have googled till my eyes popped out, i need easy free instructions please answer if you will instructet me on how to begin, i know the basics , i know tweening ,just how do i make a game? or a catoon animation that is accurate, and i dont want sites that tell me i have to pay money, if you have any sites with advanced use of flash please tell me

Web design qualification!!!?

2006-08-04 06:00:58, Category: Programming & Design
I am studying an open university course in october i want a jump start as i know nothing,but hubby does. So any advice on programmes i might need i.e flash, any insight would be greatly appreciated by the way it is not cheating to get started early. The course itself consists of 6 courses i won't list them all. Web basics design development and management i just need some easy literature or step by step templates anybody know of any???

How many pixels is a 4x6 photo?

2006-08-04 17:40:10, Category: Programming & Design
I'm using a photo editing program and I need to know how big to make the photo for the printer.

Using a code?

2006-08-11 16:28:47, Category: Programming & Design
Suppose I wrote a code for a program I want to run. How do I get the code to run? I've made the code "flawless", and now I want to use it. If the details are long, just email me a joshuaashwin@yahoo.com
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