what is the font that is used in Apple Mac OS X such as in dialog boxes and menus etc.?

2006-08-10 15:47:39, Category: Programming & Design

How can I record my DVDs onto the computer so I can work on it on MovieMaker?

2006-07-30 15:24:36, Category: Programming & Design
I have movie maker and dvds i want to use. But How can I transfer the film on to movie maker?

Flash Question?

2006-08-01 13:01:18, Category: Programming & Design
in the following script: on (release) { img4_mc.onEnterFrame = function() { img4_mc._alpha -= 5; if (img4_mc._alpha <= 0) { img4_mc._visible = false; delete img4_mc.onEnterFrame; } }; } on (release) { img3_mc.onEnterFrame = function() { img3_mc._alpha += 5; if (img3_mc._alpha <= 100) { img3_mc._visible = true; } }; } img3_mc fades in before img4_mc fades out, can anyone tell me how I modify the code to make it so img4_mc fades out and then img3_mc fades in?

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 With Update Rollup 2.(Domain)?

2006-07-29 01:10:41, Category: Programming & Design
What are the differences between windows xp sp 2 and and Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 With Update Rollup 2 and How can I join a Windows networking domain by using Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Update Rollup 2 .

My PC is switching on,on its own.How do i find where this is happening and how do i stop it.?

2006-08-16 15:52:05, Category: Programming & Design
I have looked in sched tasks and did not find anything.

XP Media Center 2005 Edition?

2006-08-11 20:03:50, Category: Programming & Design
should i go for XP Media Center 2005 Edition or professional? I am just using the computer to do some homework, surfing the internet, transfering some photos from my video camera, i guess that is it! so would u please help to give some sugeestions? also, is HP s7500y good to buy? Well, for a desktop, is AMD mobile processors best buy or Intel(R) Pentium M Well, for a desktop, is AMD mobile processors best buy or Intel(R) Pentium M? also, can Corel WordPerfect(R) Office 12 upgrate to Microsoft(R) Office Small Business Edition ? is there a big difference between the two? coz i was thinking that the latter one is much more expensive and do they have the same function?

What size (width and height) does a 'centered' jpeg image background need to be?

2006-08-07 10:37:19, Category: Programming & Design
I'm enjoying creating my own backgrounds, but I need to know how big-(width and height) -to make a 'centered' image, and also the width and height for the 'top and bottom' image selection. Sometimes it seems to fit-and other times it doesn't. I keep changing the width and height of jpegs, but it seems to change when I go back to view my page, when I'm not in 'edit custom theme' mode. It's really getting frustrating! Can anybody help?!

about table?

2006-07-31 19:23:49, Category: Programming & Design
I have created a web template using tables and applied bgcolor to first row of the table. I can't see the bgcolor when I preview and print the template. please help me to solve this problem.

locking pesimistic?

2006-08-01 02:38:41, Category: Programming & Design
locking pesimistic and optimistic in the access table

Is there a way to get the sql code from MS Access to re-create a database that has been created in a

2006-08-01 13:54:27, Category: Programming & Design
I have a database that i have created in microsoft Access and would like to get the text file for creating the tables, fields and data types, without having to code the sql myself.

what is the easiest and best way to set up your own website for free?

2006-08-09 14:33:07, Category: Programming & Design

How can i move the Google maps copyright logo and satellite information on the upper-right part of m

2006-08-02 05:36:34, Category: Programming & Design
By standard, google map has information of satellite posted directly on the bottom of the map viewer! i have seen FOX ChanneL having them on the upper-right of the screen! any idea how to adjust that?!

And just how addicted are you to your Myspace acct?

2006-07-29 20:29:53, Category: Programming & Design
i know that i'm forever on my acct. and i'm constantly making changes...even ones that i know people may not notice or care about. just how addicted are YOU to your myspace? ;-)

What is the best affordable social network server software?

2006-08-01 19:07:22, Category: Programming & Design
social community software for unix server? Best, fast and affordable. $ 200-400

what is the least expensive way to create your own website.?

2006-08-01 09:32:44, Category: Programming & Design
i am an artist and i want to put my paintings on the web. tyia

Need Assembly Code?!?

2006-08-12 02:51:36, Category: Programming & Design
I need a Assembly programm that will doing this process: Give my birth date (year, month and day) and say me how old I am now (year, month and day)?! e.g: Birth Date (Year): 1990 Birth Date (Month): 7 Birth Date (Day): 24 >> Now you are XX Years and XX month and XX days old.

I want to execute statement (if condition) which store in one file in c#?

2006-08-08 06:30:04, Category: Programming & Design
i have file called hi.txt IN which data is like i = x + y ; and in my programm I declare varialble i , x ,y Help me . it difficult to explain here I am online

In programming,what is the difference between "compiling" and "linking"?

2006-08-10 19:40:57, Category: Programming & Design

How does a company tap into another companies Application Programming Interface(API).?

2006-08-17 05:12:40, Category: Programming & Design
How does a company get permisions and abilities to be able to query another companies Application Programming Interface(API). For instance how does a company get permision to query a banks data base to pull data that their customer has authourized your company to receive?

Why do Yahoo refuse to accept my passwords?

2006-08-14 00:19:43, Category: Programming & Design
Although I write down my passwords when they give me them, and I have changed it every time they give me a new one. I am meticulous in writing them down and entering them. Still they say they are invalid. Now I can't get my emails.
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