I want to have sign in and sign up menu on my Web Site. How can I do that in Front Page 2003 and Acc

2006-08-05 13:39:36, Category: Programming & Design

i need an it person to share my aim to get achieved can anybody wish to be a friend to me pls mail?

2006-08-02 01:57:25, Category: Programming & Design
pls any net frined who is in IT and who could guide me to share my views and guidance and well wisher and helping mind for me to step into IT industry

ok fellow myspacers...on my home page it says I havent added my school s home page, but I have tried

2006-08-03 13:31:05, Category: Programming & Design
I tried again and it took me to classmates.com, and I filled out all the info and joined classmates.com, but it still wont let me add my school...any suggestions??? Serious responses only please, no smart ass ednas.

What does this mean and how do I fix it? And how do I fix a weblink err?

2006-08-05 16:06:24, Category: Programming & Design
Help and Support: Windows cannot open Help and Support because a system service is not runnig. To fix this problem, start the service named "Help and Support". When I try to start it says the same thing... And Im sick of it....LOL!!! ok i fixed the help and support but i cant figure out weblink error, it says unsupported operation on start up.


2006-07-29 14:45:10, Category: Programming & Design
I need a good website for cool screensavers, what I mean by cool is that designs like swirls and things.

What is the best way??? Urgent!?

2006-08-02 02:54:54, Category: Programming & Design
I want to create an online sales system. I am using asp.net (preferably vb script) and Ms Access for the database. In the database, i have stored the image and description of a product in ole object format. I want to show some product information on the webpage when i browse for books, music, etc...Like any other online sales system, the page has to be able to display the image of that product as well as the information of the products. It should also allow for search of a product. What is the best way to do this?? Should i use datagrids or is there another easier way?? This is urgent!!! can a table be used for this...if yes, how?

could someone tell me where to find a+ certificate programs on line?

2006-08-02 07:54:29, Category: Programming & Design
a friend of mine has his own computer business and he wants me to get involved but first i have to complete the a+ certificate program.

For effective computerizing of the company what should be done?

2006-08-01 12:35:14, Category: Programming & Design
Can some body please help me answer this questions. 1) Is there any kind of online or computerbased attendance system. If yes tell how to go about it. 2) I want to set up a good website and upload it in the website.Which program will be appropriate and how to obtain them 3) Where to get ASP software.Is it free or how much should we pay for it 4) How can I secure the website. 5)Where to get oracle software and how much it will cost. 6) What are the other issues we can bring up to have a better computerrised system in the company. 7) How to connect all the computers in the company together. How do we LAN the systems and how do we put the firwall, and also how can we monitor what are the employees checking in the net

does anyone know why window2000 would beep during bootup and refuse to finish booting up?Sometimes i

2006-08-15 06:53:19, Category: Programming & Design
sometimes it will boot up just fine and sometimes it will boot up just to the point that it recognises the keyboard, then beep two or three times, then the monitor will have a no signal detected.I have checked all my cables and defraged the drive.Anyone have any suggestions?

How can I generate links to a set of URLS that change regularly?

2006-08-11 09:52:30, Category: Programming & Design
I'm trying to create a list that will link to the front pages of a set of newspapers. The addresses of these front pages change regularly according to the date. Some would be yyy.org/2006/august/10/frontpage.jpg and zzz.com/frontpages/060810.jpg, for example. I am using a weblog, so maybe the dates should be taken from that clock. I assume I should use PHP, but don't know how to go about it.

If I have 7 svchost.exe apps running upon startup, (3) SYSTEM (2) NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR and (2) LOCA

2006-08-17 20:10:46, Category: Programming & Design
is that a problem, or could it be the symptom of something is this bad ????????????/ nooooooo no ones answering.................... ANSWER MY QUESTION DAMIT ????????/ c'mon, I NEED HELP NOW ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................

how to use dynamic fonts on a site. i have create a site in Hindi. without option to download?

2006-08-08 03:45:22, Category: Programming & Design
hi, i need to develop a site in Hindi. and want to use dynamic fonts in it. I don't want to put "Download font". i know this can be done using .eot fonts but don't know how to do it. is this tech platform independent. please help me out

Visual Basics for Application programming question?

2006-08-07 02:14:26, Category: Programming & Design
I run a program and get a complier error following statement. Dim c As ADODB.Connection It notices that ADODB have not been defined. How can i fix it? Thanks!!!

how much should I charge?

2006-08-12 17:52:10, Category: Programming & Design
been asked to do a 20 pageish web design, on my free time, and don't know how much to charge for my services. talking to people they have suggested no less than ã120ukp per page, is this about right? have not been told full extent of project.

How or where or what do i go or use to create banners and icons?

2006-08-18 15:54:30, Category: Programming & Design
i want to learn how to make them...and i want to know where to start like what program to download or something....email me mistik1605@sbcglobal.net

I need a program that allows me to create logos for IGN.?

2006-08-08 14:41:51, Category: Programming & Design
Like Team logos and stuff. It has to be FREE though.

for bookkeeping and accounting which programme is good? at the moment im using excel and pastel hows

2006-08-01 06:56:25, Category: Programming & Design
im having problem with excel having lots of formulas and it takes a long walk to vat and all that staff for me it is good for spread sheets. pastel is good but i need something very good.

Writing a program?

2006-08-14 12:32:56, Category: Programming & Design
I am looking for how to write a program that goes: ctrl+c alt+tab ctrl+v ctrl+s (types in "0001") enter alt+tab (right arrow) and then repeats: ctrl+c alt+tab ctrl+v ctrl+s (types in "0002") enter alt+tab (right arrow) and continues like this until i tell it to stop going. i want it to repeat the actions i said above except that the number keeps going up for each time it's entered. could anyone write a program for that in the answer box and tell me how to save it as an actual program? i am decompiling a quicktime video frame by frame. i have my personal reasons for doing this. okay, how do i make a macro then?

How do I get companies to advertise on my website?

2006-07-31 15:45:25, Category: Programming & Design
I am developing a website and need companies to come on board to advertise, how do I get companies involved, do you have experience in this??? as much detail as possible would be great many thanks

most of my music is taking up my memory, how do i use less space as possible for more memory on my c

2006-07-30 11:19:53, Category: Programming & Design
or can i buy a product of reasonable pricing to put my music on and still apply it to my computer. please only people who know about computer anwser. no fools PLEASE!!!! PLEASE STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS.
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