What is the active X problem faced by microsoft?

2006-08-02 04:27:20, Category: Programming & Design
There is a box overlapping any embeded object in IE. Why this happens and how to solve this out.

yesterday I had an icon on the right bottom that said I had mail why is it gone and how do i get it

2006-08-09 18:14:58, Category: Programming & Design
why is the icon on the bottom right that lit up to tell me I had mail gone?and how do i get it back?

My daughter (aged 12) is a budding artist and wants to start computer animation. Any suggestions? Pr

2006-08-08 20:41:36, Category: Programming & Design

Im trying to come up with a cool and catchy name for a design company...young, hip and stylish is a

2006-07-31 15:14:42, Category: Programming & Design
can name be design re;ated or a catchy design word, one letter name please, but feel free to come up with anythign you guys can....names that appeal my taste are( but are thaken).....linkdup, destyler, exopolis, hellodesign also maybe numbers and letter combined can make a cool name and maybe words in different languages would be more of my taste too.......Thanks

What is the different between MS SQL AND MY SQL server?

2006-08-02 21:00:21, Category: Programming & Design
Differences in Fuction, Prices, licenses..etc.

What is the best way??? Urgent!?

2006-08-02 02:54:54, Category: Programming & Design
I want to create an online sales system. I am using asp.net (preferably vb script) and Ms Access for the database. In the database, i have stored the image and description of a product in ole object format. I want to show some product information on the webpage when i browse for books, music, etc...Like any other online sales system, the page has to be able to display the image of that product as well as the information of the products. It should also allow for search of a product. What is the best way to do this?? Should i use datagrids or is there another easier way?? This is urgent!!! can a table be used for this...if yes, how?

Layout Generator for myspace?

2006-08-09 16:24:25, Category: Programming & Design
Does Anyone Know what site were I put Pictures and it comes out as a layout code?

Who can help me design a website/business?

2006-08-02 12:00:21, Category: Programming & Design
I have a website idea for a business taht can probably make tons of money. I work in the travel industry and do not know much about designing a website or anything related to them. Is there anyone out there who is a proven designer/business person who wants to take on this endevor with me?

Best way to design a time line?

2006-08-17 20:12:43, Category: Programming & Design
I have aproject and need to put it into a time line, what's the best way to create a time line, gantt chart?? if so what softwares are available?

How much do Network Systems and Data Specialist earn a year?

2006-08-10 20:37:13, Category: Programming & Design

do anyone on here happen to know what the out and in going sever for yahoo is its says http pop3 stm

2006-08-04 11:53:54, Category: Programming & Design

Please help!!!!?

2006-08-13 13:52:57, Category: Programming & Design
im getting error msg "too many active users" and the file is opened exclusively by another user? vb 6.0 application is the front end and ms access 03 is the back end. im using jet oledb as the connection and i have closed the connection after saving the data.Is it related to the ldb file???.the users using the application is less than 255. im closing the connection for eg. ad1.close where ad1 is the connection name.

can anyone explain in simple english how to do layers on adobe cs have the book and cant make head

2006-08-03 10:19:46, Category: Programming & Design

Is anybody a fan of youtube.com and know how to upload?

2006-08-16 17:18:48, Category: Programming & Design
I got the powerpoint slide to upload but the on my videos it?? has this box that just says " youtube image coming soon"? what is that and how come i can't get a pic there? and then how do i actually get it to play to where other people can whatch it? please help with being descriptive on what to do and how to get it to actually work???? GOD UR ANNOYING THEY DIDN'T HELP AND IF UR OLD WISE ASS KNOWS SO MUCH THEN GIVE ME A DAMN ANSWER INSTEAD OF BEING A SMART ASS!!!

Arranging Icons?

2006-08-19 11:42:57, Category: Programming & Design
XP Windows Am trying to rearrange icons on the screen. Since I don't have a "Desktop" icon in my program, I tried rightclicking "Desktop" under the Google Logo in the Google Deskset Window. There is no Reference to the "Arrange icons by". Have tried dragging and dropping the icons. They only remain in the new location, Until I log back in at a later time. When logging back in they are back at the original place. Would appreciate any help!!

I need to upgrate my site SO i need to learn Flash. What program i need to buy and some recommended

2006-08-16 13:00:31, Category: Programming & Design

How do I find exact coordinates using Google Maps API. I need to find the latitude and longitude?

2006-08-14 17:10:28, Category: Programming & Design
so that way I can create a map. the website I am building is sdbua.org

How do I determine what to charge for creating a web site?

2006-08-12 09:37:26, Category: Programming & Design
Hello! I am a graphic/web designer and have never gone out on my own before, however, I have been asked to design a site for a company. I don't have a clue what to tell them for a price! Anyone have any suggestions for comming up with a price?

what is visual basic and some key terms?

2006-07-31 02:42:14, Category: Programming & Design
command statement looping command in turbo c

Heard of a program called "Irfanview"?? I get on my computer today...?

2006-08-07 17:30:09, Category: Programming & Design
after my 11 year old cousin had been on it, and now there is this new program. The icon is a little red cat or somethin?? Also, its close to 30 mgb. What the heck is it? Can I delete it?
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