RSS link problems?

2006-08-03 16:46:52, Category: Programming & Design
I have tried to install a RSS link by licking on the RSS link on my web page in the box for feeds. It brings up a page to type in the URL of the link I want. I do that and save it. But instead of appearing on my web page, it appears at bottom of My Yahoo page. I read in the instructions about there being a link on the blog for RSS feeds. But all l have is a blog, there is nothing that RSS or an orange box.What am I doing wrong?

Im a truck driver and need a weekly spredsheet 4 hours/dates/res... times etc.Can i download 1?

2006-07-29 04:00:46, Category: Programming & Design

Does any one know another download center besides limewire,and bearshare?

2006-07-30 11:59:56, Category: Programming & Design

what features and capacities should I look for when purchasing a web server?

2006-08-11 10:43:41, Category: Programming & Design

How do I get my website to show up in search engines such as google?

2006-08-07 12:27:24, Category: Programming & Design
I am using Dreamweaver to create the site and have entered in my site descriptions and meta tag keywords, but when I do a search I get no results?

NOR Flash / NOR gate / NAND Flash / NAND gate?

2006-08-04 01:45:51, Category: Programming & Design
Is NOR Flash archtechniture based on NOR gate? Is NAND Flash archtechniture based on NAND gate? If yes, is it possible to have OR Flash or AND Flash for Flash Memory Cards such as SD, MMC, CF, etc. I know there is no such product in world about AND Flash and OR Flash. I just want to know will it possible to be in used in the Flash Memory Cards. Thanks.

How can I open an FDB file on Mac?

2006-08-18 10:54:57, Category: Programming & Design
We have a clip art catalog we purchased several years ago. It was designed for Mac OS 9. We can open the clip art .eps files, but the browser is not compatable with OSX, so we cannot open the catalogs. We have to reference the book, which is falling apart and is in black & white. The catalogs are fdb files. Is there anyway to browse through them on our computer or any other program which will open them without having to purchase the new Extensis Portfolio browser? The thumbnail previews also do not show up, otherwise we could see them that way. I will never give into the dark side and buy a PC! Mac all the way baby! This isn't a Mac / PC problem. It is a system software upgrade problem.

Help please please ! writing file in java?

2006-08-01 01:27:11, Category: Programming & Design
i am writing to a file and want to enter a new line, for example: FileWriter output = new FileWriter(FILE,true); //where FILE is my file output.write("\n hello"); output.write("\n java"); output.close(); I want this to be on the file :hello :java instead im getting :hello[]java in other words how do i omit writing the "\n" character and actually making a new line please help thanxs :)

When trying to start my internet this morning it kept saying entry point not found what does that me

2006-08-04 08:42:21, Category: Programming & Design
I restarted the computer and it worked fine. i have a cable modem and all the lights were right on the modem

How do I post pictures in a blog entry on myspace? Have tried imageshack and but no joy..?

2006-08-04 02:23:01, Category: Programming & Design

how and where is java used in SAP (application integration)??

2006-08-14 20:34:08, Category: Programming & Design
i jst knw tht java is used in SAP i dnt knw which 1....

Anything similar to Yahoo site builder that I can use to make advertising leaflets?

2006-08-02 04:42:30, Category: Programming & Design
I've found Yahoo site builder very easy to use and I don't have the enthusiasm to learn a whole other graphics programme, so does any one know of a similar tool I can use to make leaflets.? Preferably free, otherwise cheap!

How should young web-designer start his career in web-industry?

2006-08-06 03:00:55, Category: Programming & Design
I'm asking because I am desperate now. I see many offers to Experienced web-designers.. and none to Young..

How do i add an online radio station to my website?

2006-08-17 09:47:24, Category: Programming & Design
I have a great site but i want to add a kind of music player which plays MP3 files at random. My site contains multiple pages so i want one that floats and doesnt keep starting and stopping on every page. Any ideas baring in mind i am no programmer, are there any free ready made programs that i can use?

Where is a good place to learn PHP code?

2006-08-05 16:39:47, Category: Programming & Design
Is there any good "FREE" resources which teach PHP code and stuff with MySQL Databases?

How to put a search button in my website?

2006-08-17 00:43:43, Category: Programming & Design
I have many movie reviews, and I was wondering how I can put a search box where they type in the name and it shows them the page. I use xhtml / dreamweaver.

I have done MCA and having programming knowledge.?

2006-08-02 23:45:08, Category: Programming & Design
I have intrest in web site designing and developing. Till noe I developed four web site using html , front page and flash (for effects). Now I would like to developed a web site by java. Is it possible to learn directly java applets without having knowledge of java script language. Please tell clearly.

How can I create rollover buttons for my website?

2006-08-11 12:37:40, Category: Programming & Design
I have Dreamweaver MX and Paint Shop Pro X. Thank you for your help

The new Yahoo SiteBuilder doesnt launch. It starts to launch and brings up the opening screen and th

2006-08-07 15:37:18, Category: Programming & Design
crashes and flips back to windows. Any ideas as to why this is happening? I've contacted tech support but you know how they are. I'll be expecting a response in a week or two. I did find a error log in the sitebuilder directory. The log reported there was some sort of exception error. I tried the popup thing and it still does the same thing. Thanks

where can i download a c compiler?

2006-08-04 10:52:44, Category: Programming & Design
and where can i learn c computer language?
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