Can I buy a Restoration Disk?

2006-08-01 15:22:21, Category: Programming & Design
I have an extra computer, but its old and I cant find a way to Restore it back to Factory Settings.

using excel files and programming language justbasic. want to read it in without sparcing commas?

2006-08-04 21:14:34, Category: Programming & Design
excel file used by JUSTBASIC read into basic file without sparsing commas

Sorting a array of objects according to a characteristic in each object in java?

2006-08-13 10:49:15, Category: Programming & Design
I want to sort a set of objects in a array according to particular characteristic in each object. Like the object in array[0] name is "billy" and the object in array[1] name is "Adam" I want the object with the name = adam to be sorted so it is placed first in the array, you know like alphabetically. Now if I were doign this in C++ I could just like over-load a operator and compare those two things between objects and switch them around using a bubble sort or something. But it doesn't seem like you can over-load a operator in java, which kinda sucks, how would I do this whole "sorting of objects" if you will in java?

how to add more pics to myspace?

2006-07-31 18:39:15, Category: Programming & Design
i have been seeing many profiles with more than 12 pics under the view more pics link...and i was just wondering how to do that just in case i ever wanted to.

Part time job with computer programming in java swing and c++?

2006-08-05 02:16:41, Category: Programming & Design
I am employed. I know Java swing and c++.Please suggest a part time job that can be done from my home after my normal working time.

what is the best program to use, if you want to make film,edit film, and then make into a dvd?

2006-08-06 01:53:13, Category: Programming & Design
I have been using windows movie maker for some time, id like to know how to take it to the next step, and make my own film, edit it and then make into a dvd,,,,,is there a program that does all that?

How do I get the IP address for my localhost so that I can redirect my DNS?

2006-08-01 13:14:55, Category: Programming & Design
I think I have a pretty good idea how to get it, but I want to make sure that I am right. I have Apache 2.2.2, PHP 5.1.4, MySQL 5.0.21, and XAMPP for Windows. What is the best way to get my server up and running for everyday use, you know, email, file transfers, web design and so on?

how to display the necessary columns only in crystal report at run time?

2006-08-01 06:50:13, Category: Programming & Design
please can anyone help me.. i have a problem where i am required to edit the columns that are previewed in a report (mainly remove columns that are avaiable and then shift the remaining columns) during run time, can you please send me code or a reference to subject any help whould be appreciated..

What is the perl command for counting words? I have a scalar assigned. Provide an example for best

2006-08-09 14:35:13, Category: Programming & Design
okay, so I have a website that is posting a scalar of information. I want to open the scalar and count the number of words and then tell me how many words. If you give me a good example of how you use it I will give you the best choice points.

can i find a software job at Cochin with salary of minimum ten thousand?

2006-08-08 23:02:43, Category: Programming & Design
I'm M.Sc.Operations Research and Computer Applications from Cochin University and B.Sc.Physics from Calicut University. Residing at Cochin

i can't send an email using a macro in acesss?

2006-08-09 21:43:48, Category: Programming & Design
i have a macro in an MS access 2003 database that needs to run a report and send the report by mail .i'm using the sendobject command in the macro , when i run the report i get the message "Microsoft Acess can't open the mail session,check your mail application and see it is working properly". i have MS exchange running on the server,the macro is being run from the server as well ,need help urgently!!! i alreadt have the outlook client running on the machine, what r the configurations needed to be made

DVD shrink

2006-08-02 21:30:59, Category: Programming & Design
i need help....i download a video from the computer ...but it dont fit on a dvd 4.7GB im tryin to skrink that file......but when i drag the file to the program it say's dvd shrink encountered and error and cannot continue.....and it also says that the system cannot find the file especified.....plz help

Add comments , View comments on myspace?

2006-08-18 13:56:04, Category: Programming & Design
Hi i got a myspace layout and it hide the comments by itself because the code is in the layout somewhere. Do any of you guys know what the code will look like so i can take it out or is their a code to show comments ?

Looking for some Dreamweaver Help?

2006-08-04 01:20:59, Category: Programming & Design
I'm working on a site in Dreamweaver8 and everything was working fine (8 html files,10+flash movies/text buttons embeded, images,rolloversect.)then i went to edit a few pages and all my css files arent working. divLayers are showing up as doted one line high boxes that span the whole "design" screen(even tho there is text/images/flash videos embedded in the divLayers). But when I preview the page in a browser the css styles seem to be working (but the divLayers and anything I have in them dont show up in the browser, just the basic properties like the bg, font type ect.)so it's looking like the part that shows you what the page will look like in Dreamweaver is not refreshing itself. Flash text is showing up in the "design"but not in the browser preview. I'm using the divLayers for the layout embeding div's w/in div's and draging them around. Does anyone have any idea what has happened? I'm previewing in IE and I have cleaned the cache and tried it again with no luck still help!

Is there any way, that I can host a background without it getting re-sized?

2006-08-08 11:52:36, Category: Programming & Design
I've used Photobucket and image shack, and I can't find any other image hosters. Please and Thanks for any imformation you give me, I appreciate it!!

Customizing OSCommerce?

2006-08-11 15:27:01, Category: Programming & Design
Before I delve into reading the legthy amounts of material on this subject.. I have some basic questions (basically so I can pitch the general design look first) - ecommerce is just a part of the overall site, can I configure the osCommerce as a php <include> into my existing structure (ie a table) beneath company masthead? - can I eliminate left and right columns and (OSC) header? - can I fuse elements of left and right columns and (OSC) header into the one table.. - basically I don't want an OS Commerce look, just one table - with my standardized masthead and navigation above - I want the store (OSC) to look like it belongs with the rest of the site.. I am pretty good w. CSS, HTML and basic PHP.. I realize there are a TON of resources out there.. I'm just looking for a real person to tell me: "yeah its do-able" before I invest many hours into research .. TIA : )

Im trying to come up with a cool and catchy name for a design company...young, hip and stylish is a

2006-07-31 15:14:42, Category: Programming & Design
can name be design re;ated or a catchy design word, one letter name please, but feel free to come up with anythign you guys can....names that appeal my taste are( but are thaken).....linkdup, destyler, exopolis, hellodesign also maybe numbers and letter combined can make a cool name and maybe words in different languages would be more of my taste too.......Thanks

how can i make my own layouts designs for myspace!!?

2006-08-05 16:47:09, Category: Programming & Design
well as you guyz know i have been tryin to design my own layouts so people can use them on myspace but people have just been tellin me sites dat dont help me but thank you for da help but can anybody please tell me how i can start makein my own layouts and i know dat i need a software to make layout designs dat have swirls but i dont know what type of software i have to use to make those type of layouts but thank you if you do help!!!`~1

I want to refreash and repair my laptop. How should I do this?

2006-07-29 23:17:40, Category: Programming & Design
I've used my recovery disk a few times to fix stuff on my laptop. Now I want to totally re configure my hard drive. Mostly because I thought that each time I've run the disk its mabe putting another version of the same things on my computer.Meaning, Im stacking extra stuff on top of or around the orignial configureation? I think.I dont know, Im kinda computer retarded so to speak. I do know that my performance has gotten very slow and I have done the basic things nessary to clean it up to no avail. Whada Think?

know where i can get a comment box?

2006-07-29 23:06:45, Category: Programming & Design
yea i need one of those so it u can help that would be great its like a little box that ppl can type the comment in them and then they click the button and it goes to ur comments its so cool oh yeah for myspace
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