does anyone know why window2000 would beep during bootup and refuse to finish booting up?Sometimes i

2006-08-15 06:53:19, Category: Programming & Design
sometimes it will boot up just fine and sometimes it will boot up just to the point that it recognises the keyboard, then beep two or three times, then the monitor will have a no signal detected.I have checked all my cables and defraged the drive.Anyone have any suggestions?

Is there any way, that I can host a background without it getting re-sized?

2006-08-08 11:52:36, Category: Programming & Design
I've used Photobucket and image shack, and I can't find any other image hosters. Please and Thanks for any imformation you give me, I appreciate it!!

Can I create my own font?

2006-08-04 03:12:32, Category: Programming & Design
could I do it in Adobe Illustrator? how to go about saving the files and implementing them into my computer?

What is the most common computer resolution?

2006-08-15 08:38:56, Category: Programming & Design
I am making a website, and want to build the site to the most common computer resolution? What resolution should I build the site to?

Who is repsponsible for converting web order to our Accting System?

2006-08-11 12:38:17, Category: Programming & Design
We are in the process of a ecommerce website. There are many hands in this project and I am not sure who is telling the truth. We set our skus up on the website but they do not coincide with our accounting system. Who is responsible for creating the data translation?

do art directors and creative directors really deserve their salary when they almost all suck at wha

2006-08-08 06:46:39, Category: Programming & Design

help C++ experts can u make me a prog that inputs 10 int numbers then displays the highest and lowes

2006-08-07 10:04:29, Category: Programming & Design
computes the ave of the lowest and highest numbers

Could you tell me what the source code is all about in the view tab?

2006-08-03 00:34:55, Category: Programming & Design
I would like to know if the source code is the actual programming structure for the page or some kind of interpretation of it. What language is it written in? How could I locate an image/ picture on the page in the source code and view it. The image has disappeared during page load. It originally looks like a three shaped colorful little box and then dissapears.

Customizing OSCommerce?

2006-08-11 15:27:01, Category: Programming & Design
Before I delve into reading the legthy amounts of material on this subject.. I have some basic questions (basically so I can pitch the general design look first) - ecommerce is just a part of the overall site, can I configure the osCommerce as a php <include> into my existing structure (ie a table) beneath company masthead? - can I eliminate left and right columns and (OSC) header? - can I fuse elements of left and right columns and (OSC) header into the one table.. - basically I don't want an OS Commerce look, just one table - with my standardized masthead and navigation above - I want the store (OSC) to look like it belongs with the rest of the site.. I am pretty good w. CSS, HTML and basic PHP.. I realize there are a TON of resources out there.. I'm just looking for a real person to tell me: "yeah its do-able" before I invest many hours into research .. TIA : )

can some 1 please tell me how 2 defrag files that show up on my report after defraging?

2006-08-14 03:23:38, Category: Programming & Design
when i run the defrag it stops after 8% compacting files and tells me some files could not be defraged, some of these files have over 300 fragments in them please help my laptop is running out of free space fast thank you

how do I insert link in a javascript alert message.?

2006-08-09 08:07:54, Category: Programming & Design
How do I embed a link in a javascript alert message? For example, if I have something like alert("click here for more info"); and 'here' is a http link. Thanks.

how to make a distributed query processing project in .net?

2006-07-29 00:51:23, Category: Programming & Design
I want to make a poject on Distributed Query Processing that simple reterieve data from two different databases in sql sever and display on a form either using or language. It should only use one SqlCommand object and use distributed query processing technique. If any one know any web site or tutorial on this matter please please give me that website link. Many many thanks in advance. Regard Imran

Is anyone familiar with "modding" GTA San Andreas? I have a question on replacing car textures in th

2006-07-31 23:45:06, Category: Programming & Design
I recently started replacing or "moddng" cars and stuff in GTA San Andreas. In the "ReadMe" files of some of the downloads, they say that you can use the .txd files to replace any car you want. Most of the files, you just have to relace the .txd name in the .img file with the new .txd file you downloaded. But if you wanted to change a different carm would you just change the car name? Do you just have to change the .txd name to the name of the car you want to change in the .img file? Or is it more complicated? Any help on this would be appreciated! Thanks!

Need help with Access SQL query: Urgent?

2006-08-08 23:46:27, Category: Programming & Design
I have 2 tables. Table 1 has 2 columns: From and to having some interger values Table 2 has a column having interger values, which may or may not lie between range specified from "To" value to "From" value. I have to make a query, to count the number of entries in table 2 which lie in the range decided by "To" - "From" Please help. What is wrong with this SQL query: Update table1,table2 set table1.col1 = count(*) where ((table1.col2 > table2.col1) and (table1.col3 < table2. col1))

do anyone on here happen to know what the out and in going sever for yahoo is its says http pop3 stm

2006-08-04 11:53:54, Category: Programming & Design

can u do me a program in c language?

2006-08-13 22:04:00, Category: Programming & Design
can u do me a complete program in c traversal tree the output will be u will see the in order,pre order and post order of the tree. no limitation in entering the # of it. Example: output iIn orde:6-5-4-3-2-1 pre order:1-2-3-4-5-6 post order:3-2-1-6-5-4

how does google balance the conflict between phrase search and stopwords?

2006-08-01 02:01:28, Category: Programming & Design
i know when google indexs documents, stopwords are ignored. but when a user conducts a phrase search which contains one or two stop words, how does google retrieve these stopwords? you know, these words are not indexed by google. can anyone give me some clues? thank you a lot.

Why am I getting this class error in Flash when including ""?

2006-08-10 20:20:23, Category: Programming & Design
I am working on a Flash Remoting project (Flash 8, btw). When I check for script errors, the output panel, I get this response: "**Error** C:\CFusionMX7\wwwroot\Configuration\ Line 22: Classes may only be defined in external ActionScript 2.0 class scripts. class mx.remoting.NetServices extends Object " I thought this NetServices file WAS an external class constructor...but I'm newbie and obviously am missing something here. Probably better to post this on a Flash forum, which I think I'll do, but any help here would be appreciated.

Slideshow help?

2006-08-06 14:37:44, Category: Programming & Design
Does anyone know what website i can go on thats free and no downloads for slideshows that you can pick your own music?

Question about FONT?

2006-08-04 14:07:57, Category: Programming & Design
Does anyone know the name/where I can find the font that is in the header of : ? pleasethankssomuch :D <333 ps I know that there are many sites that have fonts on them, the thing is, I just really need that one font. [the font that says "The Black Parade"] and if I go to a site, not knowing the name, I'll end up downloading a bajillion different fonts(I have a font addiction >.> ; ) and get in trouble with my parents. :(
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