where can i get a tutorial to swishmax?

2006-07-29 23:04:40, Category: Programming & Design
i just wanted 2 make a flash site and i dont know where to start first

I want to execute statement (if condition) which store in one file in c#?

2006-08-08 06:30:04, Category: Programming & Design
i have file called hi.txt IN which data is like i = x + y ; and in my programm I declare varialble i , x ,y Help me . it difficult to explain here I am online

how do you make this on paintshop?

2006-08-10 18:39:32, Category: Programming & Design
http://img116.imageshack.us/img116/3651/ppltp1.jpg go see that first. how to people make these blend thingys on paintshop? i use paintshop pro 8 and i would know how do u make them. thx =) detailed answers plz! BEST ANSWERS RECIEVE 10 BIG POINTS! like i'm trying to know how to blend two pictures like that to make that effect?

hello who can tell me the best books or help me with ideasin the field of networking and web page de

2006-08-09 07:17:16, Category: Programming & Design
I want the book to esp the web page one design a web site for the company which has 3 branches and the web page have to be up dated through time frequently so code designing is the best one by the way I am familiarize with some features of dreamweaver and c ++ and object oriented course please contact me if u are willing to help me with <nicetilu@yahoo.com> tnx

to design, fabricat, test and implement a keyboard, video, mouse sitch system.?

2006-07-30 06:07:58, Category: Programming & Design
the system consists of one keyboard, two display monitor and one mouse that will be able to control at least five computer teminals. i would like to build the controller box by using relay. how the circuit design and what component that use to build the circuit. if iwould like to add speaker, how the circuit design..and i would like to use PLC to control the display of the monitor.

Do movies like 2001, Terminator, The Matrix, i-Robot, and AI teach us lessons?

2006-08-01 10:36:08, Category: Programming & Design
Do books and movies effectively warn scientist and developers about the possible dangers of Artificial Intelligence? Water is the source of all biological life on earth but technology, because of how vast networks and hardware are out there could spark a new existence beyond our control. Could it really become the life force for a worldwide intelligence that if created without limitation can easily decide to expand and evolve? I know it sounds Sci-Fi and I'm basing this on Sci-Fi films and books but, is the threat really there? If so, how close are we to accomplishing this and who do we start worrying about? Government, hackers, Bill Gates (LOL)? Really stop and think about it. I'm sure this question will get all of your gears turning... no pun intended =)


2006-07-29 15:44:25, Category: Programming & Design
I thought there was unlimited stogare for photos on yahoo? I have a upgrade and I pay for the yahoo service I get and it still will not let me send or add pictures to my yahoo photo storage, what can I do to fix it? thanks, the miner.

I have a picture and wnat to make it a link How do i do it?

2006-08-02 09:53:39, Category: Programming & Design

how do i create my own myspace layout?

2006-08-12 19:50:30, Category: Programming & Design
I have a layout that i want to use and its saved on power point but how do i make it so i can use that on the internet. how do i get a code for the picture. help???

can anyone explain in simple english how to do layers on adobe cs have the book and cant make head

2006-08-03 10:19:46, Category: Programming & Design

Email attachment. A friend made my wedding invitations and sent them through as an email attachment.

2006-08-15 20:06:18, Category: Programming & Design
She spelled my fiance's name wrong and now I can't change it through word. Any suggestions or help. If not where can I go and et free graphic software. So I could do it all over again.

C Program Project?

2006-08-07 10:19:13, Category: Programming & Design
Can someone help me, I am learning C Program on my own and I am trying to write a program that does the following, that includes fopen(), fclose(), and fprintf(). I can not seem to getting working right. Please help 1. Create a text file containing the following text. “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  2. Write a C program to open this file, read the contents, and print it to the screen. Incorporate a test to print out the message “No such file found  if the file does not exist. 3. Submit the source file and an executable named “readfile . The project has to be in C Programming not C++. The web site you suggest is for C++

Hello! Can I get some constructive critiques on my website? Thanks!?

2006-08-14 09:56:26, Category: Programming & Design
it's www.sensationalsunshine.com I want to keep it fun, with bright colors- kid friendly but also enjoyable for adults. Am going to add more details and a gallery but I want to make the website nice and tight!:) I have a guest book but would like to have one where I can screen the entries first but don't know how to do that and I want to add paypal and an electronic version of the book I am selling (my daughter is a great author/illustrator and I can see her books in every bookstore one day). I also want to get a lot of hits on that site- any recommendations on what I need to do? Thank you so kindly for your time!!!

How do you make flash games and movies?

2006-08-11 13:51:24, Category: Programming & Design

html FRAMES - looks fine on IE - but the frames "squash" in Firefox/Netscape?

2006-08-04 03:33:36, Category: Programming & Design
the easiest way to let you know what I mean is probably just give you the URL... http://www.unnaturalhelpers.com/olivv/cinema_pulp/cinema_pulp.html .. It looks fine in IE so far but in Firefox and Netscape the vertical and horizontal scales to the browser window. does any one know how I can prevent this? I would re-do it in tables but the way the 2 .SWF's communicate I'd lose alot of whats cool about it. -thanks- M !! -by the way.... adding height = "400px" width = "400px" into the frame src does not help !! neither does taking off the percentages when I define the collumns and rows... again it looks fine in Internet Explorer but not Netscape and Mozilla type browsers.

any good reference sites or material to write excel and cognos macros?

2006-08-09 19:12:59, Category: Programming & Design

Anyone know of someone addicted to programming?

2006-08-12 19:07:43, Category: Programming & Design
Is there a programmers anonymous? My boyfriend doesn't stop ever. It takes up all of his free time. I know I enjoy programming sometimes, but I seriously can't sit in front of a computer for that long. It is his future and what he will be doing for the rest of his life, but I just wish that it wasn't all he did. Is there any kind way I can ask him to stop for maybe 30 minutes? He is going to be a software developer and I'm really proud of him. I just need a little advice.

Circuit Design Question?

2006-08-08 19:58:39, Category: Programming & Design
I need to design a circuit that will count to 3 using a pushbutton and 3 LED's. (1 push, 1 led lights... 2nd push, 2nd led lights, 3rd.... and the 4th push clears it.) I am using a 74175 IC for the counter. Any ideas on how to hook this thing up? Thanks.

ASP to ASP.net?

2006-08-07 05:22:19, Category: Programming & Design
Can I simply copy from ASP to ASP.net and expect the code to work in the same way?

What language is the website Netvibes.com write in? Is Java?

2006-08-01 05:51:14, Category: Programming & Design
What is language? and Where I can download the codes for publish website like Netvibes.com?
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