How do you install music on a MS PowerPoint presentation?

2006-08-15 08:02:03, Category: Programming & Design
I am building a presentation and would like to install music to play over several slides. I can install music but it does not allow the slide show to play until the music is stopped.

<div> tag and a flash movie... how do you keep the div above the flash?

2006-08-14 07:58:56, Category: Programming & Design
For example lets say you have a drop down menu in a div tag, and a flash movie underneath.... any swf for example... if u click the drop down menu, it hides behind the flash movie, I think because the flash is layered.. is there any way around this??? Thanks in advance! Sorry, let me just make it clear, I don't want to change the positions, I want them the way they are except I want whats in the <div> above the flash... is that possible?

HELP when I turn on my PC I get a black screen It says push F2 set up, I have to reset my date ever

2006-08-01 07:51:24, Category: Programming & Design
after I reset I can turn on/off the hard drive with no problems for 24 hrs. then it goes back to the black page and not the windows blue screen. How do I make it STAY SET! THANK YOU SO MUCH! IT HAS BEEN MAKING ME NUTS FOR A MONTH!!!! this fixed it.

how to use dynamic fonts on a site. i have create a site in Hindi. without option to download?

2006-08-08 03:45:22, Category: Programming & Design
hi, i need to develop a site in Hindi. and want to use dynamic fonts in it. I don't want to put "Download font". i know this can be done using .eot fonts but don't know how to do it. is this tech platform independent. please help me out

can some 1 please tell me how 2 defrag files that show up on my report after defraging?

2006-08-14 03:23:38, Category: Programming & Design
when i run the defrag it stops after 8% compacting files and tells me some files could not be defraged, some of these files have over 300 fragments in them please help my laptop is running out of free space fast thank you

With photoshop, how do I make an image into a particular shape?

2006-08-15 19:47:53, Category: Programming & Design
I'm trying to put a photo inside of a cross, to where the face of the cross is covered with the image, and the image doesn't lap over the sides of the cross. I don't even know how to search for a tutorial on this. Any suggestions?

why don't my jpeg images feather in Illustrator?

2006-08-07 12:11:43, Category: Programming & Design
Iwhen i place jpeg images into illustrator and try to feather them, it doesnt work? any ideas? The funtion of feathering an image, is under Effect>stylize

Where can i get cute livejournal layouts..????

2006-07-31 15:19:32, Category: Programming & Design
well if you go here... you can see that my layotu is messed up and worthless anyone know where i can get cuter ones??? and that don't end up looking like that!!!! thanks and please help and put link.. trust me i already looked up live journal layouts on yahho but that so didn't help...!!!

How to hide annoying flash banner ads in tipod?

2006-08-09 23:54:16, Category: Programming & Design these annoying ads.theyre like really huge and it kina messy...

I need a kit that installes MySQL, PHP and Apache both.?

2006-08-11 01:08:51, Category: Programming & Design
Can you give me an URL where I can get from?

I need a source code in VB to create username and password ?

2006-08-15 08:14:56, Category: Programming & Design

OMG any one know about PERL scripting HELP....?

2006-08-14 23:30:56, Category: Programming & Design
ok heres my question, ok so i have written script to prompt the user for there Name, car model and year.... and then put in an ELSE IF statment to see weather it is 6 years older or not and prints out weather its car is 6 years old or older/younger..... HERES the biggie now i have to : use seprate ARRAYS fo the PROMPTS and the USER INPUTS, and allow the script to accept data from any number of cars asking after each if there is another car to process... only when the user enters "no" does the script end.... HELP HELP all i could think of was this but it doesnt work: my $morecars do { print "Do you have anymore cars? \n"; chomp $morecars = <STDIN>; print "What make is the car? \n"; chomp $name = <STDIN>; print "what year was it made? \n"; chomp $year = <STDIN>; } while ($morecars ne "No" && $morecars ne "no" && $morecars ne "NO"); exit; PLEASE HELP ME. OH and i for got to declare $name and $year and $make.... but in my script i put this and still didnt work.

How do you add music to a photo slide show? I can do the slide show but how do you put music and pic

2006-08-01 09:25:23, Category: Programming & Design

what is needed to make a web page that uses a user id and password to get in?

2006-08-12 05:07:06, Category: Programming & Design
please i need more details

Whats the difference between direct x and directdraw?

2006-08-17 11:58:06, Category: Programming & Design

suggestions on website?

2006-08-08 22:01:44, Category: Programming & Design
I have been building my furniture catalog website for a couple of months. I knew nothing when I started and had nobody to ask. I didnt even know how to make pics the right size. Well, I just published the bones of it and would like some input. I am not trying to sell anyone anything here and just would like suggestions on how to make it better or even if you think it is good or what. My goal was to make an online catalog and I still havent figured out shipping or order forms. Well, any feedback would be nice. The guy I built it for cant even navigate in his own website, doesnt understand what the mouse does and I am getting no help from him. Thanks for your opinions, bad or good, just let me know please! Address is: I would put the link in here but I dont know how. which BACK buttons dont work?

Any computer genus out there? I need help real bad...?

2006-08-16 06:24:10, Category: Programming & Design
I am using a friends computor and I wondering if my friend who was to write something down for me is here answering questions. If you are,please write back at this email. I'll explain later. I hope you are here. I need to chat.


2006-07-30 01:28:20, Category: Programming & Design
hey. i made a slideshow by putting <marquee><img src="link"> but the pictures are way to big! and im too lazy to resize it in my program. is there a way to add on to the html that would specifically make the pictures a different size? please help!!

MS-DOS time command?

2006-08-16 13:18:22, Category: Programming & Design
I want to be able to use the time command without it saying "Enter new time" afterwards so that I can place the time into a log (like time >> c:\timelog.log for example). How can I do this? I want to do the same thing with the date command as well. Slightly unrelated, but I also forgot how to echo a blank line, could you tell me how to do that as well? No you don't understand - if you type "time" at a prompt, it gives you the time and the says "Enter New Time" - I don't want it to say that because I want to save it to a text file. No Jono, just typing echo does not leave a blank line, it tells you if echo is on or off. Thanks for the /t thing, works great.

how to find nth greatest value using max command in SQL?

2006-08-04 09:02:49, Category: Programming & Design
can u slove my problem..any SQL user can slove it hey if i have ten records in my salary coloumn and i want to know the salary of the 5th greatest one.but use the subquery command take lot of time (select from max(sal) from emp where sal<(select from max(sal) from emp) writng this 5 times will take lot of time can any 1 tell me how to find it in a better ways using co-realted query(finding by nth place from which i can find directly 5th maximum value) please help me
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