Can you give me advice on giving advice?

2006-08-16 02:37:30, Category: Programming & Design
I was a philosophy major, I can't help looking at the meta-question. I would love to become a sort of on-line Dear Abby, and put enough completely honorable advertisers on my web page to support myself. At least, partly support myself; be semi-retired. But I need advice on how to set up a web page where I totally control what advertisers it has. Would I do the "share links" routine with people I do business with, and find honorable? How?

Where can I download some code where you can't click "NEXT" unless you click on the Radio Button "I

2006-08-05 00:26:51, Category: Programming & Design
I'm setting up my store, and I want certain products to have a Terms and Conditions Section where they have to click "I have read all the terms and conditions and accept" before they can move on to the next page. This is in HTML. I was linking it to PayPal and also wanted to recycle the code for Subscriptions and any Document Products that are sold in my Internet Store

How do you create a flash website without downloading Flash tools and templates?

2006-08-08 12:09:00, Category: Programming & Design

downloads go where?

2006-08-12 11:12:21, Category: Programming & Design
when you download a program or application onto your computer, where does it go? i mean how can i check where its been downloaded to and do i have an option to choose? basically how do i get to that?

I want to pass the php variable to a javascript function?Can you help me? Thanks?

2006-08-16 13:37:41, Category: Programming & Design
I have a PHP variable : $myVariable="Hello"; And a JavaScript Function: myFunction(s){ alert (s); } But i can run it when i put it on body tag: <body onLoad=myFunction(<?echo $myVariable;?>)> </body> Can you help me?Thanks

Exception when I run a program developed with C# .net 2.0?

2006-08-01 10:53:14, Category: Programming & Design
I used visual studio 2005 to developed an application. it was working well. recenty i used "Computerinfo" class of "Microsoft.VisualBasic.Devices" namespace. for which I had to add a visual basic dll as reference. But my problem is when I run the program from Visual Studio 2005 IDE It works fine. but after publishing It throws an exception with 'detail', 'quit' and 'continue' button. ************** Exception Text ************** System.Management.ManagementException: Provider load failure at System.Management.ManagementException.ThrowWithExtendedInfo(ManagementStatus errorCode) at System.Management.ManagementObjectCollection.ManagementObjectEnumerator.MoveNext() at System.Management.ManagementObjectCollection.get_Count() at Microsoft.VisualBasic.Devices.ComputerInfo.get_OSManagementBaseObject() at Microsoft.VisualBasic.Devices.ComputerInfo.get_OSFullName() at MountUp.MainUI.MainUI_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnLoad(.....

I know where Jane Furrows is on the leaderboard - but how do you find someone else is there a search

2006-08-02 06:14:40, Category: Programming & Design
And if not - why not ? More crap software !

I can't apply desktop backgrounds!?

2006-08-09 10:13:52, Category: Programming & Design
My wallpaper was working just fine earlier, but when I left a site back to my homepage, it became all black and now it won't let me apply any new backgrounds! Help please!

Is programming a possible career without majoring or minoring in math at the undergraduate level?

2006-08-09 17:54:02, Category: Programming & Design
Allow me to introduce myself. Iââ¬â¢m an idealistic, naïve, 11ââ¬â¢Th grader. Still a kid, I know, but Iââ¬â¢m starting to consider different subjects and possible careers that Iââ¬â¢m interested in. Iââ¬â¢m planning on taking additional courses on my own (possibly online) in those fields while Iââ¬â¢m still in high school. I like US History, Writing, Economics, Philosophy, Theology, and Computer Science. I donââ¬â¢t particularly enjoy mathematics, however. Almost all the computer programmers I know love math and have either majored or minored in it in college. Would it be possible for me to pursue a career in Computer Science and only take required math courses in college? Is that feasible? Or is it the stupidest thing you ever heard? :) Helpful answers and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

How do I add html code to my yahoo360 blog? or if there is a option to view source code somewhere o

2006-08-11 09:41:00, Category: Programming & Design
I am just learning as I go along and have no idea how to do this.

how can i unanimate an object ?

2006-08-01 10:39:43, Category: Programming & Design
i want to upload an image which is animated and it wont allow anything do u undo it ? i m not using any program

how do you learn visual basic programming?

2006-08-07 17:09:39, Category: Programming & Design
ive no basic knowledge about computer programming but i sure like to learn the basics and eventually try visual basic programming.

What does this mean and how do I fix it? And how do I fix a weblink err?

2006-08-05 16:06:24, Category: Programming & Design
Help and Support: Windows cannot open Help and Support because a system service is not runnig. To fix this problem, start the service named "Help and Support". When I try to start it says the same thing... And Im sick of it....LOL!!! ok i fixed the help and support but i cant figure out weblink error, it says unsupported operation on start up.

Whats the best way to get into web design?

2006-08-04 05:35:28, Category: Programming & Design
I have been designing web pages with macromedia studio mx 2004 for the last couple of years and am working on a web site to put on cd-rom to show prospective employers...I have a degree in an unrelated subject and am about to enrol on an Msc in Computing to gain a relevant qualification and improve my programming skills. Can anyone offer any advice/hints to break into the industry??

how do i find the url for a file in my C:\Documents and Settings that is an mp3?

2006-08-17 06:30:47, Category: Programming & Design

about table?

2006-07-31 19:23:49, Category: Programming & Design
I have created a web template using tables and applied bgcolor to first row of the table. I can't see the bgcolor when I preview and print the template. please help me to solve this problem.

Microsoft Office "helpful" features?

2006-08-11 03:07:49, Category: Programming & Design
Let me preface this by saying I have about 10 years experience in computing, and have worked with many different operating systems and countless standard and bespoke software packages. I still have no idea whatsoever why Microsoft is the only company to add ridiculous bloody "auto-help-as-you-work" features into their products. Today I'm in a situation where I am having to use Word, and all I'm doing is manipulating some basic documents, nothing to taxing. Why the hell does this program keep trying to "help" me by adding things automatically where I don't even want them, horizontal breaks, bullet points etc?! It borders on the ludicrous. I have had a quick look in the options but cannot find a quick way to turn of these sodding features, does anyone else know a shortcut to an option which will actually allow me to work without getting interrupted every five bloody seconds with unhelpful additions to my work? Cheers.

Could someone tell me how to burn music on CD, and is there a specific kind of CD or DVD Im suppose

2006-07-29 12:56:17, Category: Programming & Design
I have Light Scribe DVD+R can I use those? Or do I need specific CD discs?

What proportions are Powerpoint slides?

2006-08-04 01:27:35, Category: Programming & Design
Im aiming to produce a master background which will sit as a canvas in powerpoint and would like to know the size of the page. Im guessing it is around 800x600 @ 72ppi?

Help installing a php mysql social networking script?

2006-08-07 12:15:44, Category: Programming & Design
I recently purchased a PHP social networking script off of Ebay. It requires use of MYSQL. The instructions for installation aren't too good. I've installed simple SNS scripts before, and have created mysql databases before so I know how to do that. I'm wondering if I could send this script to someone in .zip format, and if they could write a better set of installation instructions for me. The zip file is under 7mb. The seller made it sound like installation would just require me to upload the files to my webspace, run a simple point and click installer.and wah would be done. Needless to say it's not that easy. Feel free to contact me on messenger.
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